Bottoms Up! Hot Spots For Friday Drinks

When it gets to the end of the week, everyone deserves (or needs) a drink.

Lucky for you, Melbourne, we've found some of the best places for you to go grab your drink of choice.
Level up your weekend plans and grab a drink paired with a tasty treat; here are some of our favourites.

Pssst: We’ll even give you a quarter of your bill in cashback if you pay with Liven. That means, like 3 extra cocktails?

ROBARTA (St Kilda)

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For a less mellow night out “all roads lead to Robarta…”
Grab a bite to eat after 4pm, then watch the place transform into a key point of St Kilda's nightlife - blasting the best RnB, party and house music.
If you want, you can keep going well into the morning with Robarta’s 8am close, and 24 hour bar license.
Sleep is for the weak.

You could try...
Grab a taster plate with your choice of dumplings, spring rolls and wontons. Partnered well with a Mai Tai (or twelve)!


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Twenty one types of cocktails.... you'll have to try them all!
Share (or don't share) jugs and jugs of the the good stuff - Yuzu has over 5 different cocktail jug varieties available.
They've also got plenty of Japanese favourites like sake varieties and Asahi.

You could try...
Super soft, juicy soft shell crab burgers paired with a Japanese Sake Blossom cocktail. Heaven.

"I been drinkin', watermelon" - Beyoncé