Introducing Our New Blog

It's been an exciting few years for us. We've come a great distance from when we first launched our service. The team has grown in numbers, we've partnered with hundreds of businesses, and signed on thousands of users.

As a technology service, we've added a lot of features - and removed quite a few as well. Those of you who have been with us from the start will have some understanding of our journey and how far we've come. We hope you can take pride in sharing this experience with us, and we wholeheartedly thank you for being an extremely important part of our company.

Liven 3.0

As we enter the next stages of our business operation, we're working on expanding our partnerships, adding even more features to the software, and ramping up our marketing strategy to make sure Australians know about Liven, use it to dine more often, and get rewarded for it every single time.


Poacher & Hound - Mount Waverly

What's Next?

With the launch of this new blog, we're aiming to be crystal clear to all partners, stakeholders, and end users. We'll be starting to write more often about the things you care about, on whichever end of the service you stand.

This means, a lot of high quality material for industry reference, entertainment, updates on us as a business, partnership announcements, and some guest journalism and commentary.


Massi - Melbourne CBD

With this new blog, we're taking another step towards a better experience with Liven, and we hope that you follow along with us, learn a thing or two, and get to know us as a company and team.

So watch this space - there is much more to come, and this is still just the beginning.