Shake it Off - Melbourne's Sweetest Shakes

Let's talk about shakes, Melbourne.
How do like yours?
A retro blue heaven? Purist chocolate? Unconvential lime?
How about with every sweet treat you can think of balancing on top of it in a sugar filled form of food art?
On a Tuesday, we pick the latter.

Here’s a couple cute spots to grab your new favourite treat, whilst also picking up a quarter of your bill in cashback from Liven.... Bonus.

THREE ONE 2 ONE (Richmond)

Look, Three One 2 One truly has treating yo' self down to a fine, fine art.

Previously mentioned on our collection of our favourite burgers they're back with another fierce competitor.... The mother of all monster shakes. If it's sugary, sweet, or chocolate filled, Three One 2 One has probably balanced it on the top of one of their shakes.

A pancake? No worries. How about a whole brownie? Yep, they've got it covered. They'll even chuck a whole tub of nutella on there for you..
Stacks on stacks on stacks.
Good luck finishing this one...

SARDI (Hawthorn)

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There's an ancient proverb that says "don't trust anyone who doesn't like Maltesers"....... or something like that.

But anyway, the crew at Sardi put them in a milkshake that looks like a can, automatically making us very happy, and them complete geniuses.
Happiness all round.

PLATFORM 3 (Box Hill)

Berry good shakes (sorry).

The Pink Lady shake comes topped with a strawberry macaroon, but if you' prefer to go green; grab 'The Hulk' (a creamy avocado shake 😳).


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Vegan milkshakes?
We have ascended the requirement for milk to shake.
Lord of the Fries takes good care of our vegan buddies with a sweet range of flavours, all one hundred and twenty percent free of dairy and animal products.

Are you a peanut butter, chocolate or cookies n creme type of shake-drinker?
(All of the above is an OK answer.)


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All for sticking to the classics? Misty's serves up American old-school diner shakes, complete with a cherry on top!

Play it safe and pick up the brownie, oreo, or the cherry chocolate..... Or shake it up with something a little different. P'Nut Butter & Capt'N Crunch? Bacon and Maple? Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon? Turtle? (It's just chocolate and caramel, don't worry, we're all for saving the turtles.)

Happy Shakin'