Back on The Grind - Best Coffee on Liven

We don’t compromise on coffee quality- and we won’t let you either, Melbourne!

No one deserves burnt, cold or watery coffee, so here's list of go to venues when you're chasing that quality caffeine hit.

Keep caffeinated, keep sane and keep cashed up, with a quarter of your bill in cashback from Liven at any of the venues mentioned.


With the owner hailing from St Ali Coffee Roasters, Poacher and Hound has become a coffee hub for the outer eastern suburbs.
Here is a place you can sincerely trust with your caffeine needs.
They know just how important that midday coffee is.

While you're there...
The menu is creative, and the food is delicious. Also, make a point of appreciating the amazing interior; featuring natural stone and precious metals.


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Hey coffee aficionado's - house blend or single origin?
It's a long lived debate, but you don't have to choose. Cherry and Twigs does both.

While you're there...
Grab a bite! The lunch menu includes everything from curries to sandwiches. So you can bring your pickiest of pals.

SARDI (Hawthorn)

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It’s 2017.... Coffee aesthetics are nearly as important as taste. (It’s all about the Insta gains.) Don’t stress though, Sardi has got your back on both grounds.
The beans are by Niccolo, so you can get the perfect picture, and that rich, delicious taste you crave. RAINBOW coffee, matcha lattes and amazing latte art. They can even make little puppy pics in your coffee. Welcome to the future.

While you're there...
Sardi is a brunch haven! They've also got killer shakes, mentioned in our "Shake it Off" article.

REPUBLIC (South Yarra)

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Finished the dog walk at Faulkner Park? Swing by Cafe Republic on Toorak Road for their local roast black blend, Gran' espresso white blend or specialty! You'll feel like a kid in the candy store picking between all those blends.

And our favourite part.... Add a shot of liqueur to any coffee.
It's encouraged. 😉

While you're there...
There's gourmet pizza, pasta, burgers and breakfast!

PLATFORM 3 (Box Hill)

Platform 3 sticks out in the busy Chinese dining precinct of Box Hill, stop in for a break and grab a coffee before you hit up the market for super rare produce and unbelievable meats.

Cold drip, matcha, iced, and all the regular faces. How do you take it?
Platform 3 does it all, and does it well.

While you're there...
Try sipping on that espresso in cocktail form. 😉 They've also got a quality bar menu, so when you transition from afternoon to evening, you don't have to move an inch.

Go on, another six won't hurt.