Grill Before Chill - Pairing TV with Table Service

What's the right thing to do before keeping up with the Underwoods on House of Cards? What's the appropriate side order to maximise your Twin Peaks immersion? If you're going out for a luxe Italian date night, or rocking solo at the sushi train, how would you perfectly match your binge watching experience to the night you've had?

We've put in the (not so) hard yards and thought up some dream pairings in snacking and screening.

And don't forget - you can save money to pay for your pizza problem by using Liven and earning a big chunk of Liven cash every single time you spend.

Let's get started.

Mad Men & Oysters

Take up the Roger Sterling diet. Have six dozen oysters and 18 martinis on your lunch break. This now is possible if you live in Richmond or Glen Waverly, because Richmond Oysters will sort all your mollusc needs when the client keeps rejecting your copy and asking for the logo to be bigger.


I need a couch in my office.

House of Cards & Ribs


Frank Underwood may claim to be all about power, but we've seen how he digs into Freddy's ribs. If you feel like delivering a tight monologue through the fourth wall, and don't have a skull to hold in front of you, grab some spare ribs and make a mess.
It's what The Underwoods would want.


B'Cos Brazil in Melbourne cooks up some awesome Brazilian style ribs, and although they may not be Freddy's - he's a florist now so we had to improvise.

Knocks Table

Peep Show & Curry


Mark the shark is back in the game! Impress Johnson in the board meeting with your savvy saving strategy when you buy four naan and everything else at Tadka Boom! and so many others on Liven. Go on your own and have an internal existential crisis or invite your least reliable friend and let everything that could possibly go wrong do just that.


That's insane.

Twin Peaks & Coffee

You knew this was coming. Damn good content marketing! And Hot! Twin Peaks 2017 is rolling out at the moment and it's as delightfully absurd as we dreamed it would be. Coop is not quite there but at least he's rediscovered his love for the roasted bean drink we all know too well (especially in this city).


We've got heaps of cafés on Liven, but I think Agent Cooper would enjoy Poacher & Hound, Juno and May, or Sardi in particular.

Breaking Bad & Mexican


If you haven't finished watching Breaking Bad yet I don't know what you've been doing with your time. If you have, it's time to get started on Better Call Saul. If you've finished both; start again!

Walt and the gang love hanging out at American-Mexican chicken chain Los Pollos Hermanos, owned by honest and mild mannered Gus Fring, who is often kind enough to sit with Walt and chat about the meal he is having.


While we don't promote the distribution and use of methamphetamines, we do advocate strongly for burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, and tacos. You are the danger.

Taco Bill and Tequila Mexican on Liven can sort you out.

Game of Thrones & Charcoal BBQ


Dine like a Targaryen with something flame grilled. We don't have access to dragons or even the green stuff from season 2, but we do have tabletop barbecue at Zen Charcoal BBQ in South Yarra.


Sit around the (tiny) fire with your horde and burn flavour into delicious chunks of beast flesh. Spicy pork, lean steak, and even some vegetables are on offer.


Walk out feeling like a Khal and get ready to spend all the Liven credit you earned on renting ships or mercenaries (coming soon).

We hope to have inspired you with this list, so hop out on the town with your favourite characters on your mind, and pay with Liven to earn more credit for more meals. Awesome.

What did we miss? What are the right meals for Fargo, Arrested Development, or Narcos? Actually, don't answer the last one.