Bun Appétit - Sydney's Best Burgers

Hey, Sydney burger fanatics… We haven’t forgotten about you!

We know you like burgers. We do too.

The wait is over - we’ve gone ahead and scouted out the very best of the Sydney burger game.
We’re examined the melty-ness of cheese, the salad to meat ratio, the juiciness of the patties and the softness of the buns.

Here’s the official verdict.

Plus, when you pay with Liven at any of these venues, you'll get a quarter of your bill back in Liven cash. Ready for your next burger.


This is one ***THICK*** patty.

We absolutely approve of the meat to salad ratio here.
Bacon. Beef. Cheese. Minimal lettuce. Great.

If you're feeling cultured, they have a "burgers of the world" menu, featuring burgers inspired by China, Japan, India, Portugal, Australia, America and Mexico.
The experimentative could try the Aussie burger - featuring CHARGRILLED CROCODILE. (Not kidding.)
Or you could just grab ribs and a beer...

D'MUNCHIES (Newtown)

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Got D'Munchies?
We don't need to know why, but we do know that D'Munchies has got you covered.
They know exactly what you're craving, and they've gone ahead and packed ALL OF IT onto their burgers.
Take the J-Rizz Chicken n Cheetos burger as an example... Crispy chicken, cheesy Cheetos sauce, a hash brown and maple bacon.

Holy mother of burgers.

CHUR BURGER (Surry Hills)

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Say *churrrr* to Chur Burger. Chur brings you a new burger masterpiece every week, for those that like to spice things up a bit... Above, they've created the god of all burgers with the help of pulled chicken, Carolina style bacon, scalloped sweet potato, guac and aioli.

If you're too worried about emotional attachment to the temporary, find a fave on their fixed menu instead - those burgers are ready for commitment and are here to stay.


If you love brie, and also love burgers, Harbour Bar and Kitchen has one tasty solution for you. A brie burger. *Gorgeous.*

The menu features some classics, and some creations.
Get a beefy "Old Faithful" burger, a Japanese wagyu on a charcoal bun, an Indian vegan burger or the Aussie char-grilled crocodile burger. (You Sydney people sure do like your crocodile...)

THE GIANT BEAN (Marrickville)

The Giant Bean makes a giant burger - and they know just what to put on it. Irresistible ingredients like slaw, buttermilk fried chicken, oozy cheese, slow roasted BBQ pulled pork, halloumi, spiced beef patties, bacon and STEAK.

They even have a crumbed cauliflower patty for the vego's.
Nice one, Giant Bean.

Bone app the teeth. Just don't get pickles.