Let Eat'Alino by Pino Steal a ~Pizza~ Your Heart

‘Rome’ freely in your partner’s eyes at this perfect Italian date spot in the heart of Windsor. It’s affordable, it’s delicious, it’s warm and it’s friendly... need I say more?

Eat’alino by Pino is a beautiful restaurant by Pino Russo who envisions bringing home-style cooking, taught by his very own ancestors into the 21st century through the use of modernised fresh flavours.


Pizza Capricciosa

Both the menu and the atmosphere give you a sense of tradition and family wholesomeness with their wide range of classic Italian flavoursome dishes. Some menu favourites include melt-in-your-mouth foods such as the thinly sliced ‘Wagyu Bresaola’, wonderfully tender Spatchcock and my absolute favourite Capricciosa pizza. With an open kitchen showing off the gorgeous wood fire pizza oven, it’s no surprise that they have the best pizza in Melbourne. The exposed kitchen also allows you to see for yourself the magic that the chefs produce.


Wagyu bresaola

The staff make you feel right at home from the second you walk in the door and are very knowledgeable with just the right amount of attentiveness (because no one likes staff who are too nosy right?)

Galeto con patate e melanzane

And hey, if you use Liven, we'll credit you with 25% of your bill in Liven cash to come back next time and grab another slice - here or elswehere!

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