Juno and May - A Camberwell Café Treasure

After a cold adventure through the Camberwell market - I decided to pop into Juno & May to warm up.

It’s got a convenient rear entrance that allows you to sneak in through the market courtyard- making it the perfect spot to pop in for a snack and admire your newly bought roses and fresh market finds.


(Find me one person who could say no to a $6 bunch of pretty pink roses sold by a jolly Italian man?)

Before I even got my food I was pretty content just hanging out in their dining area. I felt like I was in a pretty little jungle of well kept, potted plants.

Then, my food came. 😛
(Also, check up those credentials on the blackboard... Camberwell's most awarded chef!? Neat.)


My pick for the day was the Farmyard granola with vanilla panna cotta & seasonal fruit.


The panna cotta was super soft, pairing nicely with the texture of the crunchy, toasted granola and dried fruits.
While the panna cotta was vanilla flavoured, it also had a slight citrus kick that added well to the taste of the fresh fruit.
Added some milk and it made for a fulfilling and somewhat healthy breakfast.
As you can see, it was super pretty too.
Love, love, love.

I’m very particular about a good coffee, and am more than happy to give Juno and May props for theirs.
The beans are by Axil, and they know how to brew them. Just as delicious as it was well presented.

My company opted for the savoury, picking Sweet potato, chorizo & gouda fritters, served with avocado, two poached eggs and romesco sauce.
This was one generous serving!
4 fritters, two perfectly poached eggs and a bunch (yes, bunch) of smashed avo. The fritters were the star of the dish. Crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The romesco sauce on the side added an optional spicy kick, suited well to the taste of fresh avocado.

Juno and May also flicks a switch and transforms into a bar on nights, so this space would be the perfect place to head for after work drinks and a catch up with friends.
They've got a nice range of cocktails, wines and beers.

We racked up a nice sum of $11 in Liven cash by paying with Liven - ready and waiting to be spent on our next brunch expedition.

When's your visit?