Pizza Perfection in Melbourne - Get your slice of the pie!

Everyone likes pizza. It’s scientifically proven (?).

To support your pizza addiction, we’ve made a neat little list of venues that you can safely trust to deal with your precious pizza fix. You're so welcome.

Liven hooks you up with a quarter of you bill in cashback too, so you can buy even more of your favourite pizza(s).
How about an extra Margherita?

ITALIAN CHEF (South Yarra)

Okay, what's it going to be? Pizza, fries or sausage?
Don’t pick, have them all. At Italian Chef, you can get fries and sausage ON your pizza.

No. Way.

Now that is how you do a cheat meal...


The city that never sleeps serves up a pizza bigger than your face.

“I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…”

Well, now you can Sinatra...
New York Slice makes all of your pizza based dreams come true, bringing New York style pizza allllll the way to Chapel St.
They'll supply you with slices of heaven until 4am.

Praise the pizza gods.

TUTTI I SAPORI (Fitzroy North)

It’s the real deal! Certified authentic Italian pizza.
Tutti i Sapori is among only 590 worldwide members of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). The AVPN have super strict rules that ensure authenticity on every single front.

An express trip to Naples with every bite.

BLUETRAIN (Southbank)

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It's Bluetrain again! This time, with pizza.
But not just any pizza - they've gone ahead and dressed the snack classic up a bit.

Premium, yet original toppings- pork and fennel sausage, spiced pumpkin, Spanish chorizo, double cream brie, walnuts, scallops.



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"Hey! Don't forget the vego's!" They cry.

Pff. We would never.

Say hey to your new favourite man, Mr. Natural. Gourmet, classic and mock meat pizzas - all vegetarian, and all easily made vegan. Dig in.

EAT'ALIANO (Windsor)

Prahran's new home to traditional Italian pizza!
Italian San Marzano tomatos, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto... What's going on yours?
Our stomachs are rumbling at the thought of that crispy, wood fired crust.

On a Tuesday, level up your meal and grab a pizza with a beer for twenty bucks.
Shut up and take my money.

Bon Appétit, pizza people.