Sugar Crush - Melbourne's Trendiest Treats

If you love sweets as much as I love sweets, you and I will get along just fine. Fellow lovers of all things sweet, here is a list of the top twenty treats that Melbourne has to offer taken from the menus of some of Liven's ~sweetest~ restaurants.

1. Ayame: Matcha Cream Brulee (House made Japanese Green tea cream Brûlée served with ice cream and a shot of plum wine)

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2. Healthy Vibe: Salted Date caramels (Dates/ organic extra virgin coconut oil/ organic cocoa powder/ organic vanilla paste)

3. Aashiana: Gulab Jamun (Full cream milk dumplings, lightly fried and soaked in rose water sugar syrup, garnished with coconut)

5. Misty’s Diner: Pink Velvet Volcano (Pink velvet cake erupting with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate, molten fudge & red velvet sauce)

6. Bluetrain: Eskimo kiss (House made adaptation of the classic bounty bar condensed into a dark chocolate dome, placed on a bed of white chocolate caramel sand and passionfruit curd)

7. Rococo: Cannoli Siciliani (Fresh whopped ricotta, grand mariner, candied pistachios, dark chocolate, pistachio gelato)

8. Tequila Mexican: Churros (Deep-fried Spanish donut, served with chocolate dipping sauce and dusted with cinnamon sugar)

9. Chillbro Paletas: Paleta Snickerone (Paleta packed with peanuts, caramel sauce and covered in chocolate)alt

10. Eat’aliano by Pino: Pizza Nutella (Nutella pizza served with banana slices)

11. Kitchen on Huntly: Sticky Date Pudding (With butter scotch and vanilla ice cream)

12. Healthy Vibe: Salted Date caramels (Dates/ organic extra virgin coconut oil/ organic cocoa powder/ organic vanilla paste)

13. Juno and May: ice-cream sandwich (Double-shot waffle ice-cream sandwich with prune and armagnac ice-cream, peanut brittle, caramelised banana and whiskey-butterscotch sauce)

14. Tu: Passion Chocolate (Crunchy salty chocolate with passion fruit mouss)

15. Xeom: Mochi (Viet-style coconut mocha served with vanilla ice cream, lychee and crushed peanuts)

16. Seoulja Boy: Black Rice Pudding (black rice pudding with coconut ice cream and watermelon skewer)

17. Estivo: Chocolate Fondant (valrhona chocolate fondant, chocolate ganache, cherry ice cream)

18. Kabul Flavour: Firnee (Afghani custard, sweetly cooked corn-flour milk, almonds and sugar, topped with crushed pistachios)

19. Kagu Ra Zaka: Volcano: (Mt. fuji volcano flamed ice cream cake grilled ice cream cake with egg white and alcohol)

20. Orient East: Mochi (Black sesame mochi, ice cream)

Check them out and let us know how you go!
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