Liven Up Your Lunch Break

At Liven, we’re particularly passionate about making sure that the 9 ‘til 5 grind doesn’t mean a soggy sandwich or some prepacked pasta for lunch.

Melbourne deserves better. The world deserves better.
Leave microwave meals and last nights leftovers to the uninformed others... like Bob from accounting.

Imagine fitting in some quick fine dining on your lunch break. You'll walk into work each Monday with a spring in your step, knowing you’re going to dine like royalty on your lunch break.

All mentioned lunch spots accept Liven, so you'll pick up a nice twenty five percent of your bill in cashback each time.
That means lots of lavish lunches. FABULOUS.



“Hey Susan, what’s for lunch?”

“Tuna and crackers, you?”

“A three course Japanese dining set with sashimi, crispy chicken and sukiyaki beef.”

Heirloom does a $16 express lunch course, so you can ball out on your break and still get back just in time to finish up that email to Pam from payroll.

Silly Susan. If only she knew.



EUREKA, you've found your gold!

There is no shame in loving pub meal classics like burgers, chicken parmas and fish 'n' chips.
Eureka dishes up $15 lunch specials complete with a pot o' beer or a house wine.

We don’t endorse drinking at work…
But like, if you’re on your lunch break, you’re not really AT work are you???



Sicily awaits... except in Kew, not Italy. Plan a rendezvous with your favourite Mister, lunch time on Thursdays and Fridays. He'll treat you to fine, fine dining with your choice of either 2 or 3 courses and a glass of house wine or beer.

Will it be calamari fritti, a salumi selection OR salt baked heirloom beetroot to start?
For main course, will you pick the salmon fillet, ‘bucatini all’ amatriciana’ OR crispy pork belly?
What about dessert? Tiramisu OR sweet ricotta and cinnamon cannolo with pistachio and dark chocolate???

Your only problem will be deciding which dishes to pick...
Oh, the pain.


RICHMOND OYSTERS (Richmond / Glen Waverly)

There's something super fishy about people who don't like seafood...
Lucky for the rest of us normal people, a fishy lunch feast awaits us at Richmond Oysters.

What'll it be? Clam linguine, a soft shell crab sandwich, a southern fried fish burger, seared salmon salad or open fish tacos?
ALL of them please & thx.



Pizza is great. It's also technically superior when eaten on a lunch break, on a Tuesday. *(?)*

Pause the work project and hop on out of the office to go grab Eat'Aliano's Tuesday lunch special.
You'll get a pizza and beer for a teeny-tiny twenty dollars, or a pasta and wine for twenty-five.

We cannot think of anything that makes us happier than the combination of pizza and alcohol on a lunch break.


You'll make it through Monday... One meal at a time.