Sydney Sippers - Your Friday Night Drink Guide

Friday fiesta? We'll make the plans.

It has been a long five days and the only adequate reward for your hard work is a damn lot of alcohol. Obviously.

Since you've been busy enough this week, we've decided to lend you a helping hand in finding five of the best places for you to go grab a bev.

Now all you gotta do is shimmy on over after work and then shimmy a whole lot more after a couple tequila of shots... 😏


Find your own kind of Wonderland down the Rabbit Hole.
There will be cocktails, there will be tapas, but there will NOT be talking rabbits with pocket watches. Sorry.

Rabbit Hole's cocktails looks like a product of some kind of fabulous science experiment. Their Gin & Tonic isjellified and their Margarita's are spherified. The "Zombie" cocktail even comes with FLAMING passionfruit. No kidding. Be careful. Thas hot.

CANTINA (Balmain)

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Sooo... let's try stick to three. Get the tequila tasting board complete with three tequila shots for a selection of Herradura, 1800 and Don Julio, served with either lime and salt, lime and chilli or orange and cinnamon.

The faint hearted might be more inclined to try one of their many mojito or margarita variations. Pair your drink with a taco or two and you're reaaally talkin' our language.


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Mad about mojitos? Of course you are, silly.

Havana Beach has TWENTY-FOUR types of mojito. And you can drink them with beach views.

If you're not the mojito type, they also serve up a bunch of different beers and wines, classic cocktails, tiki-cocktails, sangria, margaritas, spritzers, martinis and daiquiris. Brilliant. We'll take the lot.


Hola amigos! Do drinks, the SPANISH way.
Sangria, Spanish cocktails, imported rosé, sparkling, red & white wine. Pair it with tapas like paella balls (holy wow), piquillo peppers, pork belly or croquettes.

Ay, caramba!

ZUSHI (Surry Hills)

Zushi ain't all about their sushi.
They've also got a HUGE Japanese themed bar menu with
7 types of sake, beer, wine and a Japanese inspired cocktail list. Try the ginger ninja, blushing geisha, Tokyo express or one of the rest. You could also work your way from top to bottom and try them allllll. 😈

If you're sharing or super thirsty, they've got jugs upon jugs of the good stuff. Which one are you getting? The Yuzu Passion Punch with "yuzushu" (yuzu sake), The Momo Matcha Mojito or the Sake Sangria?

Have a FIVE extra drinks for us.