Health Havens In Melbourne

While it’s sometimes necessary to smother yourself in milkshakes and burgers - we’re sure you also need a guide to the healthier choices that Melbourne has to offer.

Whether it’s out of guilt from last night's takeaway binge or a lifestyle choice, everyone has gotta get their greens. If you wanna put them in a juice… wellllll that’s up to you, but we’ll support you through your health journey regardless.

Here’s your treasure map to some of Melbourne’s best health food finds.
Each venue along the way accepts Liven, giving you a quarter of your bill in cashback rewards every single time! Get in shape while your wallet gets fat!


SAUCED ( Windsor | Camberwell | Chadstone )

Pasta… *that’s healthy?!*

Yeah, you heard right. It took us a while to wrap our heads around too.

Sauced makes every single one of your dreams a reality, by allowing you to have your favourite pasta in a lighter, veggie form.

Does that mean a double serve is allowed? (Yes, duhhh.)

RUPERT & FIG (Brighton)

More than just healthy! Everything you’ll find at Rupert & The Fig is locally sourced, free-range, organic and super yummy too. They've also got choices for your cheat day, or your bad influence, diet-breaking friend. *(We all have one.)*

You’ll leave with a clear conscience and a metaphorical halo floating above your good-doing, healthy head.

TRUMAN CAFE (Albert Park)

Truman Cafe is like Build-a-Bear, but for juices.
Great for those previously mentioned (and somewhat questionable) green juice lovers... Yay for you!

You can also grab fresh bio dynamic almond milk in any of your coffees or a turmeric latte. Pair it with one of their gourmet salads and you're ready to go. The picture of health.

HEALTHY VIBE (South Yarra)

Hooray for health food variety! Healthy Vibe takes away all the restrictions of eating well.

Cauliflower steak, air fried salmon, grilled chicken skewers... They've got all the works.
There's no need to skip dessert either - they do a healthy version of a caramel slice, brownie, and jaffa ball.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets are all well catered for at this place.
Bring the whole tribe to Healthy Vibe.


A post shared by Tadka Boom! (@tadkaboom) on

Healthy Indian cuisine? Never heard of it.
So Tadka Boom! went ahead and created it. BOOM!

NOT Butter Chicken, Paneer Delight, Varanasi Veg...
They've kept the flavours you love, and taken away the guilt you don't.

Hallelujah, healthy people.