It's a Fry Party, Melbourne!!!

Thursday the 13th July is NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY Melburnians!

This is great, but we're super disappointed that the creators of this day ignored the opportunity to have this fall on a Fri-day.
Party poopers.


Anyway, we love potatoes in any form. But fries...
Whole. New. Level.

So - we're having one big fry fuelled celebration and you're invited. Yay for you!
There'll be ketchup. There'll be cashback. Bring your friends.

Here's a load of fry-filled hotspots to help you celebrate the existence of your favourite fast food treat.

Liven rewards you with twenty five percent cashback at every spot mentioned.
Save up those sweet, sweet dolla's and buy bucket loads of fries.
Then eat them. Or bathe in them. Whatever.


So, fries are great.
But FREE fries are inexplicably better.
Yep, you heard it here first fry fanatics - Lord of the Fries is soooo passionate about deep fried potatos that they're giving a bunch away between 1-2pm on National Fry-day... On a Thursday. 😒
(These fries are also vegan. Hoooooray.)


MISTY'S DINER (Prahran / Reservoir)

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Three words. ***Chilli. Cheese. Fries.***

Misty's diner is the only place you need to visit to fill that loaded fries shaped hole in your heart (or belly...)
Whatever it is you're dreaming of, Misty's has probably strategically placed it upon a bed of waffle cut, curly, fat or skinny fries.
We're talkin' Taco fries, con queso fries, sweet chilli & sour cream fries, chorizo and bacon fries...
Say no more. We're already on our way there.


YA SOUV (Hawthorn / Doncaster / Knox)

Feta + fries + souvlaki.
Go on, name a more iconic trio?
Ya Souv adds a touch of Greek to our favourite snack by sprinkling them with feta and oregano.
That ain't it though.

You may want to sit down for this part...
Then, they go ahead and put these godly fries ON their souvs with spit-roasted lamb... Holy chip.


BABU BURGERS (North Melbourne / Ormond / Windsor)

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We don't descriminate...
We love fries of EVERY shape and size.
Thick cut, shoe string, crinkle cut, curly fries... We'll eat 'em all. Happily.
Just no kale chips. Pls.

Lucky for us (and you), Babu Burgers celebrates fry diversity by serving up delicious wedges, thick cut and shoe string fries.

Heck, they even do sweet potato fries.
Sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes. How about that.


ITALIAN CHEF (South Yarra)

Sure, it's fry-day but that doesn't mean you can't have pizza, too.
It has to have fries on it though. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

Italian Chef celebrates fry-day EVERY single day with their "Salsiccia e chips" pizza.
And the answer is, yes, it's exactly what you're hoping for it to be. Pizza. With. Fries. There's also sausage and mozzarella involved.

What a great day.


Dieting can wait 'til Monday. Or next year.