The Hottest of Hotcakes - Liven's Best!

One of the best inventions to grace this world to date.

Melbourne welcomes hotcakes with open arms and a warm embrace.

A form of cake that you can acceptably consume for breakfast AND cover with fruit and other forms of sweet, sugary goodness? YES PLEASE. πŸ˜›
Don't you let anyone tell you that you've got too many toppings on your hotcakes. Ridiculous.
No such thing.


We love hotcakes just as much as you do. (Maybe even more?)
When you use Liven at any of these venues, you'll get 25 percent of your bill back in Liven cash! (To spend on more hotcakes!)

RHAPSODY'S CAFE (Carlton North)

with... "Off with the Fairies"

We are crying real tears of happiness.

Blueberry hotcakes topped with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream. As if that wasn't enough, they've gone ahead and further perfected them with a fluffy, pink puff of fairy floss and flower petals.

A refined realization of your childhood happiness on a single, pretty plate. The meaning of life has been found. Now, eat it.

JUNO AND MAY (Camberwell)

with... "Double Stack Pancakes"

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Welcome to heaven. Population: Juno & May.

They take your favourite brunch dish and make it special by topping it with lil' meringues, berries, and maple syrup mascarpone.

Holy hotcakes.


PLATFORM 3 (Box Hill)

with... "Purple Stack"

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Never has a flower flavoured ice cream tasted so, so good. Crumbly pieces of gingerbread, lavender ice cream, honeycomb, and berry compote packed onto three soft hotcakes.

Actual goosebumps.


JUNKYARD (Saint Kilda)

with.... "Coconut, raspberry, and citrus hotcakes"

As per usual, Junkyard turns your meal into a delicious work of art.

Coconut yoghurt (or CoYo to the cool kids), black sesame granola, rice malt syrup, almonds, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries...
Everything we never even knew we needed on our hotcakes in one, tasty place.


THREE ONE 2 ONE (Richmond)

with... "Blueberry pancake stack"

Okay, so there's more fairy floss- but now it's paired with nutella AND hotcakes AND syrup AND ice cream. WOW.

If you're feeling guilty about all that sugar, keep in mind that there's plenty of fruit on top too... So it's pretttttty much health food? πŸ˜‰

Talk later, we're running sugar fueled laps around the car park.