The Foolproof Guide to Melbourne Date Night!

It’s date night.
The plans are “up to you.”
Be careful, it’s a trap… You’d better choose wisely.


Lucky for the lovebirds of Melbourne, we’ve created a beginners guide to planning the perfect date. All you gotta do is pick the vibes (or the track ) you prefer- and we'll sort out the rest. You can even take credit for the ideas... You’re welcome.

Make the night your treat, and pay with Liven. They don't have to know you'll be getting 25% of your dollars back in Liven cash.😏

Even if you're a lone rider, it's totally fine to take YOURSELF on a date. All that means is less confusion over who's going to pay the bill, more food and less sharing.
Probably a better option anyway...? )

Chill Bill - Rob $tone

The Situation:
You don't need to do anything toooo crazy, but you still wanna impress with coolness points.


The Solution: Yuzu + Rooftop Bar Hop (CBD)

What's cooler than a Japanese fusion tapas menu?
Yuzu is as trendy as it is tasty, and the perfect place to start your night out. We did some research and visited first - just so that you can look like a pro.
Order their mini soft-shell crab burgers, gyoza and a skewer platter for easy-to-share and a super tasty meal.
Pair this with a couple of Japanese Sake cocktails, finish with a Japanese matcha cheesecake. Lovely.

What's next:
After plenty of sake and delicious food, we're betting that you're gonna feel like a "few" more drinks. Melbourne is home to so many amazing rooftop bars, all scattered throughout the CBD, within walking distance.
Scout some out and hop through the city - rooftop to rooftop.
(Pls don't literally hop between rooftops. That's dangerous.)

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Bad and Boujee - Migos

The Situation: Pay day came, you got some extra $$$.
You're gonna make it raaaaiiin.


The Solution: Massi + Lui Bar (CBD)

For a luxe night out, Massi has got to be on the top of your list. A vision of Mister Bianco's Joseph Vargetto, expect first class Southern Italian fare in a gorgeous and exclusive venue. If you're looking to pull out all the stops, we'd recommend the 4 course sharing menu and a few drinks from their carefully curated bar menu...

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What's next:
More drinks of course!
After beginning your night at Massi, you've got to upkeep the high standard... This is why Lui Bar is the perfect place to visit next. Enter through the Rialto building, leave your name with reception. After a short wait, you'll be escorted to the 55th floor - home to Lui Bar. Fine, fine drinks and arguably one of the best vantage points for Melbourne night views.

New Flame - Chris Brown

The Situation:
You're lovestruck.
You wanna do somethin' cute, without being too cringy. 'Cause that would be gross.


The Solution: Circolo + River Rink (Southbank)

Italian... It's the language of love.
It's also the food of love - and food is the way to anyones heart.
That's why you should take your date to Circolo!
A gorgeous rustic Italian venue, fit with glowing lighting, window bar seats AND pizza... Best enjoyed with a few glasses of red. 😉


What's next...
Stroll across Southbank.
What's more romantic than a city at night? Make your way to the River Rink and test out your Ice-skating skills. If you're great - you'll impress, if you're not - they can teach you. It's a win-win situation.

Real Friends - Kanye

The Situation: You pair get along like a pair of pals, and wanna go do something fun!


The Solution: Bababoi + Glow Golf (Docklands)

If you're as adventurous as you are fun, why not try something new? Head on down to Bababoi for Malaysian Nyonya cuisine! Bababoi is the perfect date venue... Dim lighting & intimate setting, whilst still being super cool and urban.

What's next:
Stroll on over to Star Crescent, in Docklands - and what will you find? Glow. Golf!!!
Yup, you heard right.
Glowing golf ball, track, walls!
Everything glows. Show off your mini golf skills and bring out that competitive side you've been hiding.
It's cute, fun, and the perfect way to end your night.


Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G.

The Situation: Your wallet is looking a little slim, but the date can't wait!

The Solution: Little Billy + NGV (CBD)

Hey! Dont stress.... Mounds of money isn't a necessity when it comes to the perfect date. You can have plenty of fun on a budget, without looking frugal. Little Billy offers up tasty food, luxe location and modern design at a less than large price.

What's next:
There's plenty to do for free in Melbourne's CBD.
How about a stroll through Hosier lane?
Spectate some amazing graffiti- then head to National Gallery of Victoria and observe some more celebrated works. It's a fool proof date option, and will make you look cultured rather than cashless

*** ***Don't let us down.***