Sydney Sweethearts - It's Date Night !

Date night, Sydney?

You've got some impressing to do.
Netflix 'n' Chill won't cut it this time. Sorry.

Liven loves lovebirds, so we're here to lend a helping hand.
We've crafted up 4 fun, food-filled dates, just for you.
All that you've gotta do is pick the situation (or rap track) you vibe with most... and find someone to take on the date.

Can't find anyone? Us either. 😯

It's cool though, solo dates just mean no small talk and no extra sets of hands trying to steal your fries.

Regardless, pay with Liven at any of these restaurants and you'll get 25% back in Liven cash. To spend on your next date.
Or yourself.

Can't Get Enough - J. Cole

The Situation: You're all loved up and want to do something cuuuute.

The Solution: Le Souk Beirut + Titanic Exhibition (Surry Hills | Moore Park)

Love is in the air at Le Souk Beirut! There's fairy lights. There's cityscapes.
There's window seats. But most importantly- there's delicious Lebanese street food.
We'd recommend the mixed plate for two with a few glasses of Pinot Grigio!

Whats next: Oh, you romantic. After dinner, make like Jack and Rose, and book some tickets to the Titanic Exhibition. Then, if the weather plays along, stroll through Centennial Park.
We can safely guarantee no imminent threat of icebergs and we might even give you an Oscar!*
**(18 years later, AFTER you're mauled by a bear.)*


Started from the Bottom - Drake

The Situation: You're lacking fundz, but you can't wait for the date!


The Solution: The Brotherhood Cafe + Art Gallery of NSW (Potts Point | CBD)

Forget dinner, make it a brunch date. We're calling it - brunch is waaaay cooler and significantly cheaper. The Brotherhood Cafe does some A+ smoothie bowls, smashed avo and big brekkies. It also happens to be a ridiculously cute, grungy venue- with a blackboard walls you can draw on* and greenery.

**(Bonus points if you draw your initials in an arrow struck heart on the wall.)*

What's next:
We get it. You spent all your money on cheeseburgers and wine. Saaaaame.
Lucky for you, one of Australia's leading art museums, The Art Gallery of NSW is free for you and your date to explore. Read up on some art and flaunt your newly found knowledge like a connoisseur.
You'll look clued up rather than coin-less. Good one.


Party - Chris Brown

The Situation: You're both cocktail fueled adventurers.


The Solution: Rabbit Hole + Ghostly Garden Tour (CBD)

Cocktails meet sophisticated science. Hop over on over to Rabbit Hole Bar and find a wonderland of first class drinks. Your margarita will be spherified - your gin & tonic jellified- and your date impress-(ified?)
There's also fairy floss and FLAMING passionfruit involved.

What's next:
Take a spoooooky Ghostly Garden Tour through the Royal Botanical Garden. Book a ticket and tiptoe through the shadows of the garden at night, listening to ghastly ghost stories.
You pair of daredevils. (It's okay if you get scared. We won't tell.)


100's - Tyga

The Situation: You've got a mound of money spare and you're gonna throw it all about.


The Solution: Casa Ristorante + Bars | Theatre (The Promenade)

Beautifully lavish Italian dining.
Treat your date to Casa's restaurant carefully constructed set menu, and plenty of wine.
At $65 a person, begin your night with a five shared plates for entree. For main- pick between 10 delicious dinner options. Perhaps a half rack of pork ribs, tenderloin medallion, barramundi, gnocchi or wood-fired pizza? Then, finish up with 3 of the chef's selection desserts. We're sure it'll impress!

What's next:
Take a waterside stroll along the harbour, and bounce between the many bars in the area. Pick up at drink at each!
Coordinate your night with one of the many fantastic productions at the Sydney Theatre.

We'll play cupid.

We'll also play payment & rewards app.