Sharing is Caring - A Melbourne Tapas Trip

Sharing food is our number one pet hate...
But for tapas, we'll make an exception.

Here's 3 reasons why:

1. It’s like stealing some of your friends food from across the table in a more socially acceptable way.
2. It beats committing to one (potentially disappointing) dish.
3. Most importantly - it rescues you from food envy. There's no worse feeling in the world than seeing what your friend ordered and straight away realising you've made a terrible, terrible, irreversible mistake.

Hooray for commitment free dinner decisions and the ability to order, like, 10 different dishes. To pay homage to our undying love for tapas, here's some tapas treasures for you to go suss.

If you use Liven to pay, you'll get 25% of you bill back in Liven Cash. Sweeeeet.
So logically, you should order 25% more food...
That's how it works, right? 🤷🏼


You + your crew + Koreapas (Anju for the pedants in the room.)
Crank dat Seoulja Boy.
We're thinking Korean fried popcorn chicken, charcoal bun sliders, skewers, sashimi, cheese corn, Kimbap tacos...
Aaand - we're drooling.

Wait. Did we mention there's cocktails? You don't have to share them at all!
Get iced, iced, baby with the Vanilla Ice lychee-lime cocktail or the Ghetto Espresso.
How street of you.
Or, try one (or more) of the Blue Ivy cocktail, with blue curacao, pineapple, lemon, makgeolli and soju. Beyoncé would approve.

Plus - They have a media wall, so if you got you some Bathing Ape, haters will most definitely get mad.

crank that


First Korea, now Japan. Yuzu is your new best friend, this is not a decision you get to make.

Is it hot in here, or is it just Yuzu's Fried Chicken Sesame roll? 🔥🔥🔥 Super spicy, super tasty - and enough to go around the table. Pair it with a sashimi platter, some mixed skewers, a couple of their cocktail jugs and you've got team tapas for dayzzz.

If you're particularly against sharing your food, you could also just get your own cocktail (or cocktail jug) and a bento box... We get it.

CASA BESTA (South Yarra)

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How is EVERYONE on Instagram sun-baking and drinking sangria in Santorini right now? Why are we not also there? Mediterranean tapas is the next best thing I guess. 🙄

Grab all your non-vacationing friends and go pretend you're in an Parisian villa, or on a balcony in Greece or something. Marinated olives, feta cheese dip, lamb kofta, paella, moussaka...

It's the closest you'll get to your Mediterranean country of choice without an actual plane ticket.

VELUDO (St Kilda)

Veludo is the perfect place to bring the gang for a bite before a night of drinking and dancing your way around St Kilda. Hang around after your meal and watch the place turn into a nightlife hotspot.
Until then, feast on empanadas, lamb kofta, pan fried saganaki, skewers, calamari - all best paired with a bucket of beers and a couple cocktails in their upstairs garden bar.

You can even bring your fussy friend along this time... They can opt for one of their classic main courses- like a parma, a steak sandwich or a cheeseburger.

B'COS BRAZIL (Melbourne)

B'cos Brazil. THAT is why.
Zucchini fritters, fries, croquettes, cheesy bread puffs, crispy marinated chicken - all in a super cute and colourful, Little Collins St venue.
The perfect place to take a date or a mate. Great.😏

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