Satisfy Your Japan Cravings In Melbourne


Kon'nichiwa, Japanese food enthusiasts.
Boy, do we have a treat for you.

Liven is particularly fond of Japanese cuisine... and Japanese booze!
Sweet, sweet sake. Oh, how we love you. 💓

So here you have it. Our favourite Japanese drinks, meals, snacks 'n' venues. All on Liven, so you can get at least 25% back in Liven Cash at each stop. Kanpai!


We pick... The Astro Boy roll!

Idk about you, but we like things hot!🔥
Wasabi is the answer... To at least a few questions.
What is the purpose of life? Wasabi.

We're going to go ahead and recommend the "Astro Boy" roll. Sriracha, raw tuna, nori sakura seasoning, ashed leek and base burnt rice...

Be prepared for the heat.


We pick... The Emperor's Course!

You know those feels when you think your food is coming but it takes a sharp turn left and goes to the table next to you? Heartbreak. Still recovering. 😫

Solution: Japanese Teppanyaki turns the traditionally boring wait for your meal into a pretty dang cool experience.
They'll dice, marinade and grill right before your eyes before tossing your meal onto your plate.

For the best teppanyaki experience, ball out like royalty and grab the Emperors set course.

Plus - there's traditional Japanese decor fit with a cute lil' Koi pond. 🐠

WA MODERN (Malvern)

We pick... The Sashimi platter!

It's sashimi heaven! ( Or fish hell? 😲 )

Sashimi makes miso happy... so why not buy a whole platter of it? Grab a large platter and you'll get TWENTY-FOUR PIECES of assorted sashimi.

It's OK if eat all twenty-four pieces yourself.

We like how you roll, Wa Modern...

(It's a sushi train lol.)

FUJIYAMA (Brighton)

We pick... The Unagi!


Let's play a game.
Would you rather:

  1. Eat at a regular boring square table with regular boring wooden seats.
  2. Eat in a traditional Japanese tatami booth with cushions and a shoji screen.

The correct answer is the tatami booth. Duh.

While you're hangin' in the booth, be brave and order the Unagi.
Sweet and savoury grilled Japanese eel. A national classic and something you just need to try to appreciate (it's also shiny.)

Pssssst: Fujiyama has cocktails, sake, wine, and beer.
Get draaaaaaaank.


We pick... The Chicken Karaage Pancake!

Savoury Japanese pancakes.
WE. ARE. SOLD. We'll take 10.

Chicken karaage, egg, and spicy sauce stacked on a fluffy pancake.
Chicken karaage? What's that?
Bite sized chicken pieces marinated in sake, soy sauce, ginger and garlic- coated with potato starch, then deep fried.

The answer is yes, it IS as good as it sounds.



We pick... The Kimbap Taco!

While not technically Japanese, there's plenty of influence going on here so we made a bit of an exception 😎

There are so many Soulja Boy references to be made - but this time we will refrain from making any of them. (lol joking.)
We're jockin' on them haterz man.

Korean food, with an Anju / Oishi vibe, and a streetwear flex. There is also plenty of Japanese beer! We've gotta recommend The Kimbap Fish Taco... Poached salmon, kimchi and kimbap rice in a rice cracker taco.

It's love. In a fishy, taco form. 😻

Eat bulk sushi; roll all the way home (and earn sweet sushi money when you pay with Liven).