The Pasta Parade - A Carb-heavy guide to Melbourne

We're tortellini in love with carbs.

Particularly when they're in pasta form.
Covered in large amounts of cheese.

Melbourne - You share our love, so you'd understand that sometimes it's hard to find a bowl of pasta worthy of competing with Mom's spaghetti.

We have NO time for impastas and neither should you. To save you from an endless search for quality carbs, we've scouted out some venues that you can pastatively trust.

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SAUCED (Chadstone / Camberwell / Windsor)

Things are about to get reaaaaaally saucy in here. 😏
Say hello to Sauced.

It's Build-a-Bear for pasta... But more exciting because you can actually consume the end product.
First, pick your sauce. There's options for vegetarians, vegans and GF.
Next, pick your pasta. Fresh egg, gourmet, spelt, wholemeal, gluten free, vegetable.
Then, pimp it! Go wild on this one - fetta, avocado, capsicum, mushrooms... The world is your oyster (or pasta?)

PS: Pasta on cheat day is OKAY at Sauced. They know you gotta cut down on the carbs occasionally - so they've got zucchini strips, sweet potato and cauliflower rice.


SUGO (Malvern)

Look. Things would get particularly stressful in the Liven office if we were forced to decide between seafood and spaghetti. It's like picking a favourite child - you've got one, but it feels wrong to announce it.

Lucky for all of us, Sugo has mastered the seafood spaghetti game; creating a fabulous merge of all that's good in the world in a single bowl.

We're giving the seafood to spaghetti ratio here a solid TEN.


BASTA (Fitzroy)

Basta - "enough" in Italian.
Ironically, it rhymes with pasta... and you can never have enough pasta. That's why Basta does a 4 course Feed Me menu at only $49 a person. It's FILLED with pasta, snacks and desserts of the chefs choice - great for the indecisive.

After you feast on a fabulous combination of mystery meals, make sure you hang around for their afternoon aperitivo hours, from 5pm- 7pm. You'll pick up $10 cocktails, $7 spritz, $6 Peroni and $2 small bites.


CAFFE E CUCINA (South Yarra)

If you had to pick 3 things to form your diet for the rest of your life, what would they be? Ours would obviously be cheese, homemade pasta and wine.🍝🍷🧀

What a wild coincidence that Caffe e Cucina manages to put all of those things into a single dish... The "Cappellacci di Castagne ai Quattro Formaggi."
Homemade chestnut cappellacci (PASTA DUMPLINGS!!!) filled with veal, four cheese sauce and wine reduction.



Pasta + wine = feelin' fine. It's basic math.
On Tuesdays, Eat'aliano will solve ALL of your problems by feeding you a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine for a mere $25. Little to pay for eternal happiness.
If you miss Tuesday, they do the same deal for lunch from Friday to Sunday - but it comes with an espresso too! Coffee, wine AND pasta... We're overwhelmed.

Pasta La Vista, Baby

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