Crazy 4 Coffee

An alternative to sleep and the fuel to our morning fire. Coffee is the one thing that keeps us keepin' on. We're sure you know the feels, Sydney?


Sydney's coffee game is super crowded, so it's sometimes hard to find a quality cup. ☕
If it's burnt, weak or watery, we ain't having it.
There is no place in this world for bad coffee.

So here it is - 5 places you can trust to care for your caffeine fix, all offering atleast 25% back in Liven Cash.
You're so very welcome.


You're not a coffee connoiseur until you've tried Indonesean coffee.
Aslan Coffee are specialty roasters, with beans orginating from the multiple regions of the Indonesean Archipelago - each sporting a full bodied, diverse taste.

Cup notes:
Rotated blends or single origin by request.
Flores - Sweet chocolate, floral & woody notes.
Sumatra - Cedar spices, earthy, with dark chocolate notes & citrus finish.
Sulawesi - Crisp, earthy chocolate & mango.
Java - Nutty, malty, chocolate & sweet.


BREWING NOW (Kingsford)

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Brewing Now is a local favourite!
They're filled with variety... Brewing cold drip, V60 and aeropress made with a range of Single Estate beans from Coffee Alchemy.

They also serve breakfast 'til 2pm for all you late sleepers...😉 #relatable

Cup notes:
Ask for their single estate of the day. It will vary between:
El Equila - Floral, pudding & bold
Santa Sofia - Lychee, plum & date
Duromina - Apricot, bergamot & floral



It's the perfect way to unwind with a coffee after work, or celebrate Fridays arrival with cocktails later in the night.
Elvio's is home to laid-back, turntable tunes and Colombian single origin coffee.

They've also got a build your own breakfast,lunch and pasta menu. Pick a base, and pack on your favourite toppings!
Dream breakfast, here we come...

Cup notes:
Columbian Single Origin beans supplied by Drum & Seed roasters co!
Colombia Gigante Microlot - Hints of apricot and toffee apple with a vibrant acidity.
Colombia Boyaza Guayata - Dark chocolates, Candied Orang & Caramels.



An LGBT+ safe space, The Brotherhood House is a place for no labels - just you and good food (and coffee!!!)

Plus, BYO cup for 10% off your coffee every time.

Cup notes:
Beans by local roasters Numero Uno.
Black Mamba - Caramel & treacle with a buttery body & smokey herbal finish.



Coffee has no curfew, and boy, does Hernandez Coffee know it. They're open 24hrs, 7 days a week... Whether it's for a 4am caffeine fuelled creative boost, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

It's a rustic little hideout thats filled with history.
Spanish owner, Joaquin Hernandez, first opened the cafe in 1972...That's 45 years of exerience in supplying the best beans to the best cafes, and creating a killer cup of coffee!

The families veins practically run with espresso.

Cup notes:
It's never ending! As Hernandez supplies beans, you can pick whatever fits your taste.
Popular beans include:
New Guinea - Fresh, fruity flavour with a light to medium body.
Brazil Santos - Light & smooth, with a subtle cinnamon notes.
American Blend - Subtle nutty taste with a short sweet finish.


We have a latte love for coffee...

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