Eating for Insta' - The Gram Guide

If you didn't post a picture on Instagram, did you really eat it? Yes. But you should probably post a picture on Instagram anyway. How else are you going to prove your worth to all seven thousand of those followers?

It's 2017. We're all self proclaimed food & fashion bloggers. It's kind of awful, but at least you get fewer weird looks when you spend 10 mins trying to get the right angle of your acai bowl. 💁

acai ruined

We've found 5 Instagrammer-approved spots for your next meal.
Get ready for aesthetic gainz. You can thank us later.

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It's. So. Damn. Pretty.
Junkyard puts pretty flowers on practically everything; AND serves up rainbow coffee. (DW, it doesn't compromise the taste.)

Acai bowls, waffles, hotcakes...
They even somehow make the always underwhelmingly presented Eggs Benedict look good??? Magical.

spongebob petals(This is actual footage of Junkyard making a meal.)

THREE ONE 2 ONE (Richmond)

What else says "Gram God" like a ridiculous super-shake and a mountainous burger dripping with mac 'n' cheese? While they're both more than a full meal in themselves, you gotta get both. For Insta. Duh. Maybe with a side of fries, too. #foodporn

Deliciousness today, diet tomorrow. Or the next day...



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There ain't a thing cooler than Korean tapas. Fact.
Seoulja Boy does colourful cocktails, delicious (and rly damn cute) kimbap tacos and a huge range of tasty tapas dishes.
Think of that table spread potential...

The names of their cocktails are all inspired by classic RnB jams, so if you mention you ordered the "Mo Money", "Gold Digger" or the "California Love" cocktail in your caption you get like 10x bonus points.

(PS: Mandatory photo with the neon "I love it when you call me big oppa" sign is very necessary.)
(PPS: You've also got to make atleast one reference to Soulja Boy's iconic '07 tune Crank Dat.)

Sorry, we don't make the rules.

RICHMOND OYSTERS ( Oakleigh | Richmond )

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It's an oddity, but somehow oysters photograph really well. Pair them with some lobster and chuck it all on a stacked platter and you got a lavish lookin' masterpiece fit for the likes of Donald Draper.

Strategically place a luxury bag and glass of champagne in the frame and it's all systems are go.

draper money


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Homemade pasta, cheese and truffle. 🤤

Don't compromise your cravings to order something Insta-worthy... Now you can have your carbs and 'gram them too!

Massi rids the world of less-than-pretty looking bowls of pasta, instead, creating some rustic pieces of food-art.
Winner, winner, pasta dinner.

liven pasta


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Never ever has a huge plate full of raw fish looked so pretty... 🐠
Yuzu creates a beautifully stacked, colourful plate of sashimi. If you're not into that, there's also sliders, skewers, pork belly, curry don and a whole bunch more.

Pair it with plenty of saké cocktails and take a boomerang of you cheers-ing, too.
(Again, jk.)

'Gram ur heart out.

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