Hello Hotcakes!

Hotcakes, you hot thaaang.

The only thing we want for breakfast today, or any other day of this week, actually.

Here's three very solid reasons why:

  1. You can acceptably have them for breakfast even though they are ABSOLUTELY a dessert food. Not mad about that.
  2. You can stack, like, 5 on top of each other and pretend it's one serving. (Like you can pizza, or anything else really)
  3. You can put almost anything on a hotcake and not have anyone ask why or question it's breakfast status.

Correct us if we're wrong.
(But we're not.)

Here's 5 homes to heavenly hotcakes.
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These pancakes are thiiiiiiiick. 😏

There probably comes a stage where you can no longer call it breakfast - but we're not calling it yet. Even though there's caramel slice, biscuit and marshmellow involved. They also toss on some fresh berries , candied orange, vanilla ice cream, maple syrup or chocolate ganache. Yep... definitely still breakfast.

Treetop Cafe also has a pancake of the week, if you're lookin' to switch things up a little.

Pssst: You can even get them on a stacked breakfast platter with eggs three ways, bacon, sausage, ham, salami, chorizo roasted tomato, butter mushroom, hash brown, avocado, grilled halloumi, toast for 2, 4 or 6 people.
Holy wow.



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The best Reservoir since Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs... purely because pistachios. 🤷 Crumble them on top of some fresh hotcakes with maple syrup, mixed berry compote, banana & vanilla ice cream and we are DONE.

You'll also find that The Reservoir is a pretty perfect place to hang. Rough exposed brick walls, potted plants and pendant lighting throughout.

Give me FIFTY of these hotcakes and a chai latte.
Plz & thx.



What makes these homemade hotcakes so special?
They are drenched in Cafe Kensington's signature butterscotch sauce.
We cannot even begin to explain because there are NO WORDS.

If you're feeling a little guilty about all dat butterscotch, they've also topped their hotcakes with caramelised banana, walnuts and strawberries.
Why? To make them healthy... Duh?


BLUEWATER (Manly Beach)

We are mesmerised by this video.
For real. Drag us away - we can't stop watching.

Warm maple syrup poured onto two fluffy hotcakes topped with mascarpone. The best part... Bluewater packs on a bunch of fresh seasonal fruit by the slice.

It's the perfect Spring snack! This is why we're having it for every meal.
For the entire duration of Spring.


THE GIANT BEAN (Marrickville)

Here's to cheese... on pancakes!

Say what now?

The Giant Bean grants all of our wishes by putting ricotta, berry compote, hazelnuts and maple butter on their pancakes.

It's real pretty.
And real tasty, too.


Hotcakes r flippin' awesome.

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