🍕 Give Me Pizza - Sydney's Best

We're in for ALMOST anything that involves cheese. Almost...

So - we obviously have a very nearly unhealthy addiction to pizza.
Not sorry 'bout it either.

You ALSO have a very nearly unhealthy addiction pizza...
How do we know? Because everybody likes (LOVES) pizza.
You're actually a liar if you say you don't.


We have NO room for mediocre pizza in our life. None.
You shouldn't either. So we've made you a list of places 6 to find the perfect pizza. To save you from the strenuous task of infinite pizza testing.

And for the record, pineapple does belong on pizza.
Glad we cleared that up.

MAD PIZZA E BAR (Darlinghurst)

We are MAD about Mad Pizza e Bar. You will be too.
They let their dough sit for 72 hours allowing it to rise twice! This makes it super fluffy and much lighter - so you'll feel slightly less guilty demolishing an entire pizza.

They also do cocktails. Lots of cocktails. We're sold.


Do you like surprises?
Are you particularly indecesive?
Did you answer yes to these two questions?
It doesn't really matter... you should still grab the "Pizza Casa."

Casa will strategically pick you out some surprise pizza toppings. It's a whole new level of trust and devotion, letting someone tamper with your precious pizza - but you're in good hands. They're experts, ok?!

If you want to ruin all the fun, you could just ask them what's on it.
But that would be pretty damn lame of you.


BLACKBIRD CAFE (Cockle Bay Wharf)

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All stonefired and delicious - but we've got our eyes on that one, extra special pizza...
The Chorizo pizza. Our one and only love. (Not rly...)

What's on it? You might want to sit down for this one.
There's chorizo (duh), Spanish onion, mushroom, smoked paprika and capsicum salsa. Magical. Beautiful. Extraordinary. Give me 10.

FYI: Blackbird does over 70 cocktails and one of them is a Fairyfloss Cosmo!?



You already know how much we love this place.
We've talked about their cocktail menu an infinite number of times... (Spherified Margarita anyone?)

But this time, it's all about dat fine, fine pizza. Rabbit Hole is not about being boring or mediocre. Go hard or go home, right? Cue their GNOCCHI NUTELLA PIZZA.

I mean. It doesn't really resemble a pizza?
But that's what they call it, so we'll play along with it I guess.
We're just glad that there's such thing as gnocchi nutella pizza...



Keep it REAL with Sicilian style pizza - exactly how it should be!
Pick from their range of old school pizzas... They're classics for a reason! Try their formaggi, napolitan, diavolo and calzone pizza.

New school Sicilian? Yes, that's absolutely a thing. Grab their Moderna Sicilian with lamb, brocolli, feta, salted spinach, Italian sauce and fior di latte mozzarella.

You can even bottle up some of those expert pizza powers and take them home with you - Sicilian does classes! The ability to make an A grade pizza is a literal superpower.
Honey, where's my supersuit?



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Around since 1973, 44 years in the biz has allowed Belmonte to master the fine art of fabulous pizza. There's a menu full of classics - BUT if you're feeling like a pizza Picasso, you can create your own edible masterpiece!

Then, you can take it home to cook whenever you please.
So you should probably eat one now and then take one home for later too. Logically, it's the only way to do it.

With BYO wine, we're thinkin' a Margherita pizza, moscato and a real good time. Can you invite us? Pleaaaaase?


If you don't like pizza, you're a real WEIRDOUGH.