Get Paid Thai For Pad Thai

Have you ever dreamed of a world where paying for Thai Food pays you with more Thai (or other) food? Your dreams may have come true.

Liven is the lifestyle payment & rewards app that pays you digital cash for doing the things you love. Just pay with a tap and instantly earn food money to spend wherever you want.

Let's check out some hot Thai restaurants serving you fresh curry and big money.

Don't get let yourself get thai'd up trying to find the best Thai food in Melbourne. You don't have thai'm for that.

We've done the hard work for you.
Here's 6 new, en-thai-cing spots for you to go find your Thai fix.

Now that we're all thaiered of this joke, let's have a look at some awesome restaurants accepting Livenpay for fast payments and cash rewards.


SOMSAK (South Yarra)

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Sleepy South Yarra has one of Melbourne's best hidden Thai gems on the west end of Toorak Rd.

Green curry is legendary, and they've got everything you need from a great Thai restaurant, plus a handful of new favourites.

Grab the coconut prawns and dig in with your hands, or go wild with the whole barramundi aka 'Pla Noeng Manow'.

Somsak is easy on the bank, and awesome on the tongue. Might be a choice for tonight!

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Fairy lights, a funky venue, FLAMING shots and heaping plates of tasty Thai?
We are absolutely down for all of those things at any given time.

Raan Kan Eang has got some killer deals for lunch and dinner, plus a stocked bar.

They're also BYO.
Thai food AND alcohol?! We're tongue thai'd.


BLUE RIVER THAI (Canterbury)

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Grab your gang dine like the #kweens you are.

Pick either their Queen or King sized banquets and you'll be served a thai-tantic amount of food - including green curry, pad thai, curry puffs and spring rolls.
Could even say it'll be very... appe-thai-zing.

It'll even be deserving of the (extremely excessive) seven thumbs up in the picture!



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Welcome Thai welcomes vegetarian and vegan pals with a warn, vegetable filled embrace. ALL of their mains are available with tofu and veggies so that you don't have make any compromise - you won't have beef with their menu. (Literally.😏)

But if you ain't a vegan - you can pick from chicken, steak, prawn, seafood, duck and fish based dishes.

There is so much variet-thai....


SMILE THAI (South Yarra)

Smile Thai gives you plenty of reason to smile.

They've got 7 daily special choices for every day of the week - all only $8.90 and served with rice. You could have a different thai special every day of the week for 7 weeks. That's FOURTY-NINE Thai meals!

Pair it with a glass or two of red and that is what heaven looks (or tastes) like.


We strongly believe that every single day is Thai-day. Slip on your uggs and trackies and pop into Thai Culinary to pick up some takeaway.

Thai Tom Yum and chill???

We ain't got no thai'p.
Thai food is the only thing that we like.

We're about to go eat a kilogram of Pad Thai.
Don't thai and stop us.


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