Time 4 Tapas - A Sydney Guide

Tapas has a very special place in our heart.
There's something about not having to commit to one meal and being able to steal food from a friend's plate that gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Ordinary tapas won't do it though.
Imagine rounding up the crew for dinner and drinks, only to drag them into some of the saddest snacks around. 😭 You'll never be trusted with dinner choices again.
It's a rough gig, but we can help.


Here's five places to pick up fab tapas, while collecting Liven Cash along the way. We got u.


Yeah, we're SO into this.
Popcorn pork, pork belly bites, winglets, scallops, pork shoulder, grilled halloumi, parmesan and truffle chips, calamari, meat & cheese boards...

With this type of food in play, it doesn't even matter who you're sharing it with.
Icebreaker at the bar: "Hello, wanna share some grilled halloumi with me?" 9/10 success rate. (Fake statistic.)


BLUE FISH (Darling Harbour)

There's nothing quite like listening to a friend vent about their day over a mimosa and a tiered platter of seafood. Life is SO hard, right?

Atleast you've got lobster, salmon, prawns, oysters and a harbour side view... 🤷

Grab another drink gurl, this could take a while.


EMBERS MEZZE BAR (Darlinghurst)

Say hello to honey coated haloumi, pacific oysters three ways, roast mushrooms and chermoula chargrilled octopus.

Lebanese Mezze, an elegant interior, and a refined list of great imported wine and creative cocktails. We're getting the "Lebanese Delight" with vodka, white cacao liquor, rosewater and cranberry juice.😛😛


TWO STICKS (Haymarket)

While Two Stick's specialty is their famous "Crossing the Bridge" noodles - they're also serving up some unique (?) snacks made to share.

Round up your experimental friends and try their spicy pork ear, pork blood jelly, fungus salad, ox tongue and grilled chicken hearts. 😮



46 years in the biz of authentic Spanish cuisine does some wonderful things. Casa Asturiana is home to bunch of Spanish seafood, meat or vegetarian tapas dishes!

Our favourite though? Ask for the "Mixed Hot Tapas" special. At $46 for two, Casa will serve you both the very best of their hot tapas plates. Spicy. 😉

1x Mixed Hot Tapas special + 1x Sangria Jug = Date night and/or Spanish fiesta?



Disregard all the horror flicks and head on down into Sydney's 'finest dining den.' Subsolo is perfect proof that good things CAN happen in a basement.

They've got a huge range of tapas, each serving up to 3 people. We're eyeing the Espetada Grilled skewers- with wagyu, pork belly, chicken fillet or mixed. There's also a bunch of vegetarian options.

Or pretend you're with friends and order 5 plates for yourself.