🥕 No Beef - A Vegans Guide to Sydney

Our heart breaks every time a vegan has to settle for a soggy salad or an under seasoned plate of vegetables. Why they gotta do you like that? You don't deserve that kind of betrayal.

If you're Sydneysider, you may know that Sydney is one of the best places in Aus to be a vegan. And if you don't know, now you know. 😏

It's just about skouting out the right places.
But you don't always have time for that, right?
Well we have SO MUCH time for that...

Here's 5, vegan proof spots to plan your next meal.
Each spot rewards you with Liven Cash.
So you can splurge on extra guac or something like dat. 🤷

You don't have to thank us...Biggie Its All Good


It's all vegan everythaaang. Srsly.
Real Grounded has a 100% vegan menu!

Lasagne, scrambled tofu, toasted chocolate bread, bruschetta, smashed avo, eggplant parmigiana, soup, homemade gnocchi AND a whole bunch more. 😮

Get your coffee with either soy, almond, rice OR coconut milk. How about that vegan variety?! Real Grounded, you da real MVP. 🏆


RUBYOS (Newtown)

An eight (?!) course vegan banquet?
Woaaaah now. UH, yes please.
Grab your crown - Rubyos is about to have you eating like vegan royalty.

Everything is filled with fun and fresh flavours.
Cumin fried tofu, guacamole, eggplant involtini, sweet potato salad, curried cauliflower arancini, zucchini quinoa nuggets...

If you promise wine, you might even be able to get your non-vegan friend to agree to come along to this one?


HUONG LUA (Chatswood)

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Vietnamese goes vegan - and it's freakin' fabulous.
Huong Lua is super vegetarian friendly, in part, creating a bunch of accidentally vegan dishes. Thx for that.

Bun xao, coconut curry, rice paper rolls, coconut rice cakes, hot silky tofu... Just ask for their vegetarian option and let them know you're a "no thank you" for dairy.
Then, sip on a fresh coconut and think about how well you've done.

Also, the restaurant is an actual party, with colourful lanterns and fairy lights all over the ceiling. What are we celebrating? Veganism. Duh. 🎉


LE SUIK BEIRUT (Surry Hills)

"A feast from the middle east..."
Le Suik Beirut brings the flavours of Beirut, Lebanon, allllll the way to Sydney's plant-based population in Surry Hills.

Lebanese food new to you? No it ain't.
It's literally just everything good that has happened to the vegan scene on one menu. A hint: there's hummus, tabouli, tahini, falafel and sweet potato chips involved.

Although many of their dishes are already vegan proof - make sure you let them know you're vegan when you order the vegetarian option. Just incase!

PS: there's fairy lights.


OUROBOROS (Surry Hills)

Are you all about dat health food grind?
Ouroboros is an organic, wholefood cafe AND has vegan options.
Hey, who said that?!

What's on the cards?
Sugar free vegan desserts, beetroot lattes (?), matcha lattes, a selection of salads, fresh juices, roast pumpkin & a whole bunch more.

There is literally ZERO guilt involved with a trip to Ouroboros. Also... They're pet friendly so you might even see a doggo or two. 😍


Thanks 4 reading, it was nice to meat meet you.