We've got a serious crush on the new guy - HOBBA PRAHRAN! 😍

Never did we think we'd find a man (we mean place) that would fulfil all of our needs... For big burgers, beautiful brunch and a damn fine coffee, that is.
That's ALL we ever wanted. And now, we have it.

But we'll share. If we have to.

Let us formally introduce you.


Lunch is lookin' good.
The Spicy Southern Chicken burger is actually calling our name.
A brioche bun with shredded iceberg, onion, pickles, American cheddar, chipotle mayo and Cajun beer battered fries.


Meet the breakfast menu. The Hobba Hotcakes are from another world all together - filled with ricotta and topped with house spiced maple syrup, citrus & vanilla mascarpone, seasonal berries and honeycomb.

And on the left? That's the choc & peanut butter waffles with nutella icecream, peanut brittle and macerated berries. Sexy, right?🤤


And finally, our personal favourite - The Pulled Brisket Baguette. A brioche roll packed with 18hr slow cooked pulled brisket, topped with red wine jus, fries and béarnaise sauce. Just LOOK. AT. THAT. SAUCE. Goosebumps.

Now that you're well aquainted, here's some more goss -
They also do fresh juices & smoothies, serve up a 5 senses house blend coffee or weekly single origins, and serve alcohol IN MILKSHAKES.

Yes, you heard right.
And yes, you've absolutely just fallen head over heels in love with Hobba.

You'll probably see us there, sippin' on a mimosa and eating our weight in smashed avocado and waffles.