This Japanese food find is about to have you ballin' like Kobe... Guaranteed.


Sit over the Yarra and surround yourself with premium sake, lobster, hot rock cooked meats and sushi expertly crafted to the quality of a fine piece of art (just like u).
Man, are you in for a treat.

Welcome to Kobe Jones.

Kobe's interior is uniquely luxurious, combining deep reds, dim lighting, pine and foliage to create a moody, intimate space. Combine this with a night city view over the Yarra and you'll be pretty set on hanging out for a little too long.

Sit around the teppan tables with your crew and watch the chef prepare your meal with flame, flare and expertise.

Or, try your hand at cooking your meal yourself on the tabletop Hot Rocks. Pick from wild exotic mushroom, AA5+ grade wagyu or seafood mixes including lobster, crab and salmon.

Pick a few dishes and eat à la carte, or let Kobe serve you their very best by selecting one of their carefully crafted set menus.

Time for a tipple? Select a premium bottle of sake from the backlit display shelf, or sip on a couple of Japanese inspired cocktails. There's a huge selection of wine, beer and ciders too.

The voices in your head are saying "go on gurl, you're worth it." Listen to them.

Actual footage of you arriving at Kobe Jones.