🧀 Cheese Please - Melbourne

We were gonna confess our undying love for cheese with a poem, but that would've been way too cheesey.

Instead, we compiled a list of grate cheese filled dishes in Melbourne. Why?
For the grater good of all of humanity. That's why, silly.


All on Liven too. Bonus.

With the... Four Formaggi Pizza

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Eat'aliano brings mozzarella, swiss, gorgonzola and grana padano into a beautiful cheesey union, on a woodfired "Four Formaggi" pizza.

1 cheese is good. 2 cheeses are great. 3 cheeses are even better. 4 cheeses are the best.
But 4 types of cheese ON a pizza? Now that is a freakin' party...
(And also possibly 5kg in weight gain, but that's ok).


With the... Cheese Fondue

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Switzerland - we know it's home to the holey cheese. But this? This is a whole new level of godly. We feel blessed.

The Swiss Club serves up a magical pot of melted cheese for you to dip things in (preferably the provided bread 😯). That is literally A WHOLE DAMN KILOGRAM of melted cheese. Imagine the bread dipping possibilities.

This is what we like to believe is at the end of the rainbow.


THREE ONE 2 ONE (Richmond)
With the... Kick Ass Mac n Cheese

You really thought we were gonna talk about cheese without the mention of at least one burger? Now that would've been ridiculous. 😯

At Three One 2 One, you can get ur burger packed full of mac n cheese.
Thats cheese, pasta and a burger. Genuinely crying with happiness.


With the... Cheesecake Paleta

Its not often that you can freeze three of your favourite things and put them on a stick. I mean you could, but a very overwhelming majority of the time, you probably shouldn't...

Chill Bro does it for us in a very acceptable way with their cheesecake paleta.
Cheese, cake and Mexican icecream. Gorgeous.

This one has gouda brie our favourite.


With the... Four Cheese Gnocchi!

You've heard of four cheese pizza, now get ready for four cheese gnocchi. It's cheesier, involves plenty of potatoes and is 100% worth every single carb consumed.

Carmine's also plates up house made bread with grilled slices of halloumi. I think we just became best friends with Carmine.

What does the cheese say when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi.