Meet Liven 4.0 - The Curation Update

This is the new Liven. We think you'll love it.

At the start of this year, We unveiled Livenpay - Our unique payment platform allowing users to pay restaurant bills in-app, and earn what was then called Liven Cashback. That system launched our little company forward onto the stage of Australia's most funded, and in turn, watched startups of the year. Nearing a full year later, here we are, with what we've earned and what we've learned; at the release of our next major update.

This is Liven 4.0 - Which we've deemed 'The Curation Update'.

Here's what's different.


From the start, we've strived to create a product that stands out as an entirely unique entity. With that goal comes unforseen challenges, such as anticipating changes in consumer behaviour to hardware innovation, or explaining your product's journey to community you've cultivated, and the many communities you have yet to meet. Liven is a payment platform built on incentive, so every day we're thinking about how we make our service better for both the supply side and the demand side of our marketplace. With Liven 4.0, we've been able to implement some major changes that improve usability, convenience, and value for all parties involved.

1. QuickPay

Just tap, and leave.


Every day we work to make it easier to do more of what you love by paying and earning quickly at your favourite restaurants. With the launch of Liven QuickPay, you can now pay your bill with a single tap. Just press the button, and walk out.


With this update, you'll waste less time in menus, have a better payment experience, and find more and more new venues joining Liven because they love our brand new super quick payment engine.

2. Liven Explore

Our curated guide to your city.


Up until now, when you opened the Liven app to find a restaurant, you were given the featured list, the nearby list, the new list, and the all list. A whole lot of venues thrown at you with very little guidance. We've fixed that. We went and wrote a hundred micro editorials breaking down our favourite venues by neighbourhood, occasion, price, category, preference or lifestyle so you can know where to go, and find great venues perfect for any occasion.


3. The Location Genie

Ready to pay? We know.


It's important to us that you spend the least amount of time possible looking at phone screens when you're out with your friends. So we're doing our part to reduce any unnecessary interaction when you just want to pay, and leave. When you're ready to pay, open the Liven app. The Location Genie will detect if you're within fifty meters of a Livenpay tablet and ask if you're ready to pay, with a simple dialog at the bottom of the home screen. Letting you pay faster, earn more, and get on with your adventure.

Liven 4.0 is live now on the Apple Store & Google Play.

It's free, and always will be.