🎃 So SpOoKy - Your Halloween Night Out In Melbourne

Double double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.
It's Halloween- and SOME of us would like to celebrate without dressing up as an unidentifiable animal that inexplicably wears stilettos. 🙄


We've taken the liberty of turning Halloween into another reason for you to eat food and drink alcohol. Here's some spots you'll find some seriously ScArY snacks and crazy CrEePy cocktails. Like, in a good way though.

It's trick or treating... But for adults.


Why Seoulja Boy? Because washed out '07 rap is the scariest thing you will EVER experience. Period. Luckily the team at Seoulja Boy is fully aware, and keep it fresh as ever with their old school RnB tracks.

Get in dat Halloween spirit with some CrEePy🕷 charcoal sliders, filled with some super 🎃 SpOoKy pickled purple cabbage. Pair it with some cocktail concoctions and you're in for a frightfully fun night.


SASH BAR (Northcote)

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How about celebrating Halloween with a bunch of bevs in a grungy bar with GhOuLiSh 👻 green lighting? It's kinda reminscant of the Poison Apple bar from Shrek, but without the terrifying patrons.

Instead of pumpkin carving (effort), order their roasted butternut pumpkin pizza (minimal effort). Seems fitting, right?


PABU GRILL & SAKE (Collingwood)

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Have fishy feast and sip on the "Oriental Wave"- a witchy brew made with gin, sake, lychee liquer fresh lychee juice and lime.

It might not turn you into a black cat, but it may cause you to show some pretty interesting and uncertain effects after a few too many... 💁🏼


KOBE JONES (Docklands)

When the sun goes down, sneak out to Kobe Jones and channel those vampy vibes with a lavish Japanese feast. Sleek backlit bottle display, city views, hanging potted plants, blood red seats, with copper & marble features.

Heck, you might even crash into Dracula himself...
We heard he likes top shelf sake. 😉



Not so keen on celebrating with scary stuff? All about dat treat, not dat trick?

Fit for real life fairies, Junkyard has coffee the colours of the rainbow and pancakes sprinkled with petals and fresh fruit. Go on, grab your wand. There's no spooks here, just pretty plates and sweet snacks!🎀


Happy Halloween! 👻