๐ŸŽƒ So SpOoKy - Your Halloween Plans For Sydney

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.
It's Halloween- and SOME of us would like to celebrate without dressing up as an unidentifiable animal that inexplicably wears stilettos. ๐Ÿ™„


We've taken the liberty of turning Halloween into another reason for you to eat food and drink alcohol. Here's some spots you'll find some seriously ScArY snacks and crazy CrEePy cocktails. Like, in a good way though.

It's trick or treating... But for adults.


Opened in 1972, filled with antique art and open 24/7. It's a serious spook.
Like... we're not saying it's haunted, but did the man in that painting just blink?

Dodge the Halloween chaos and sneak in at some ridiculous hour - you bring a Stephen King book, they'll bring the coffee and maybe even a couple lost spirits floating about lookin' for company.



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Ignore all of the explicit warning signs in every horror movie ever and head into the basement. You won't find Pennywise the Dancing Clown (hopefully, lol) but you will find Rabbit Hole bar - serving up creative cocktail concoctions.

Jellied gin & tonic, spherified margaritas, flaming glasses - Rabbit Hole's cocktails look like they're straight out of a science lab. Except they're probably not going to explode and you do not have to wear safety goggles.


TWO STICKS (Haymarket | Barangaroo)

Feeling experimentative? Two Sticks serves some pretty exotic dishes.

Start your Halloween banquet with a fungus salad and some pork blood jelly.
Then, how about some deep fried pork intenstine, ox tongue, grilled pork trotters or chicken hearts? For dessert, finish up with a stewed sweet pear with fungus.

It tastes better than it sounds, we swear.


SUBSOLO (Sydney South)

Time to trek on down into another basement. (All good things happen in basements, we swear?) This time you'll find award winning Spanish tapas and some seriously vampy vibes.

With moody red lighting, oversized gothic chandeliers - don't be surprised if you find Dracula hiding out, sippin' on a sangria. We heard he's a fan of their paella. Us too, man.


LL WINE AND DINE (Potts Point)

LL Wine and Dine has got quite the history...
Previously an illegal casino in 1960's, they've kept a hold of the edgy underground feel - now styling the venue in image of a Hong Kong bar.

Caged booth seating, deep red walls and lighting.They're serving pan-Asian food and amazing cocktails. Your Halloween just leveled up. By like 10 levels.


Trick or treat? ๐ŸŽƒ