Sydney's Golden 'Gram Guide 📷

If you didn't post a picture on Instagram, did you really eat it? Yes. But you should probably post a picture on Instagram anyway. How else are you going to prove your worth to all of your thousand loyal followers?

It's 2017. We're all self proclaimed food & fashion bloggers. It's kind of awful, but at least you get fewer weird looks when you spend 10 mins trying to get the right angle of your acai bowl. 💁

ruining instagram photo

We've found 7 Instagrammer-approved spots for your next meal.
Get ready for aesthetic gainz. You can thank us later.

You'll also be earning Liven Cash at each spot, making your chase for the right snap a little less costly.


With flaming, molecular and jellified cocktails, it would be kind of ridiculous if you couldn't take a good pic at Rabbit Hole. 💁🏼 It's also in a rustic, revamped basement and serves woodfired pizza... For extra 'gram points.

How many cocktail pictures can I upload to Instagram in the span of 5 minutes?
Asking for a friend.


BLACKBIRD CAFE (Cockle Bay Wharf)

Hey look... More cocktails.
We'd say sorry, but we're really not. Cocktails are pretty. They deserve a spot on your IG grid more often than most things.

If summer was liquified and put in a glass, it would look a lot like a cocktail from Blackbird Cafe. Best served with a classic "cheers" Boomerang strategically framed with harbour views. Kinda joking, but also kinda not.



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Literally every photo you take here looks like it's straight from a postcard. (But less corny and without a '03 MS Word Art style header.)

Take a seat in their harbour facing outdoor dining area! You'll have views of the "Star of the Show" Ferris Wheel and plenty of really nice boats. Order one of their super luxe stacked seafood platters, with oysters, prawns, salmon, Moreton Bay bugs, rockmelon, mussels, calamari, octopus, squid rings, chips, sauces, lemon, lobster & Barramundi. Get some champagne too. #baller #blessed



When you've exhausted you the acceptable amount of food pics for the week, it's probably time you calm down and take a venue shot or somethin'.

The entrance to The OhBar Thai feels like a fairground with the huge red lit up OHBAR sign - but step inside and you've got a high-ceilinged haven of grungy, industrial interior. The food is also gorgeous. So are the cocktails. You could do a group picture post? 🤔



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Adding a beach to any photo automatically makes it 5 times better; by science.
So given this - Havana Beach would be Insta worthy before you even bring their food and drinks into it. Their window covered walls face directly onto Manly Beach.

Score a window seat and feast on authentic Cuban cuisine and one of their TWENTY FOUR types of mojito from a wooden tiki cup. We cannot think of anything more picturesque.



Don't you dare snap a fiddy cent cone from McDonalds this Summer. Your Insta aesthetics are worth more than that. So are you.

We've found a much tastier and significantly prettier alternative - stretchy Turkish Icecream in every colour of the rainbow. Hand churned salted cacao & walnut Turkish icecream or a sad soft serve? The choice is yours.


OUROBOROS (Surry Hills)

Start with a very over photographed session of yoga, then convince all your followers you're on dat organic wholefood grind by visiting Ouroboros. Get a pretty snap of one of their healthy plates and drop those v necessary hashtags. #healthfood #cleaneating #detox

Then go get a burger and some fries or something afterwards lol. (Jk, the food is actually rly good.)


This entire article was written ironically. I swear.