No Beef - A Vegan's Guide to Melbourne

Our heart breaks every time a vegan has to settle for a soggy salad or an under seasoned plate of vegetables. Why they gotta do you like that? You don't deserve that kind of betrayal.

If you're from Melbourne, you may know that Melb is one of the best places in Aus to be a vegan. And if you don't know, now you know. 😏

It's just about skouting out the right places.
But you don't always have time for that, right?
Well we have SO MUCH time for that...

Here's 6, vegan proof spots to plan your next meal.
Each spot rewards you with Liven Cash.
So you can splurge on extra guac or something like dat. 💁🏼

You don't have to thank us...

Biggie Its All Good

HUONG VIET (Footscray)

Vietnamese goes vegan - and it's freakin' fabulous.
Huong Viet's menu is almost fully vegan (minus a few vegetarian dishes.)
If you're not into the mock meat scene, you can choose opt out of that, too.

Pho, spring rolls, rice paper rolls, claypot, congee...
Heck, they even do vegan nuggets. Whatever you're choosing, They're making no compromise to the full flavours of Vietnamese cuisine.


LORD OF THE FRIES (Windsor | Hawthorn | Elizbeth St exit)

You already know what it isssss.
If you're a vegan veteran you'll be fully acquainted with the magical Lord of The Fries. The Lord is granting all of your cheat day wishes, with the help of some mad good mock meat and beautiful buns. 😉

They take some of the least vegan things in the world & make them very vegan and (arguably) much better than their they were in their meaty forms. Hot dogs, bigs burgers, fries, shakes, and even a vegan HSP?! Take that, meat eaters.


MAMA MARIJAS (South Yarra)

We've talked cheat day burgs, now let's talk about the guilty health meal that may follow. Mama Marijas makes that SO much easier for you by actually making it taste good! Who'd have ever thought...

Roasted garlic thyme mushrooms, broccolini, charred cherry tomatoes on khorasan chia sourdough, glazed with balsamic vinegar and pesto. 😮 Can we have ten? Will it still be healthy at that point? Yeah, idc really sign us up.


SAUCED (Windsor, Camberwell, Chadstone)

There's a pasta party @ Sauced and you're totally invited. But first, lets get saucy. 😏
So - there's three vegan sauce varieties for you to pick from. The classic Napolitano, The Spicy Lentil Bolognese, or the Aglio Olio (olive oil, garlic, chilli and fresh parsley.)

Then, pick a base - their cauliflower rice, zucchini strips, spelt spaghetti, wholemeal penne and sweet potato mash is vegan. Pimp it out with some extras and you'll be having a ball. (Obviously get avocado tho?)


THE DENN (Northcote)

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Look, there ain't much, but what they do have is totally worth the trip.
Pause for effect. Vegan paellaaaaaaaaaa. Praise the Spanish food gods (who obviously DO exist due to the existence of this magical dish.)

Saffron rice, string beans, roasted field mushrooms, roasted capsicum, broccoli, peas, olives, pumpkin, Spanish onion and rocket are tossed together in what is a magical fusion of flavours. We are v happy about this and if you say you're not, you're probaaaably lying. Sorry. 💁🏼


HEALTHY VIBE (South Yarra)

Channel them #HealthyVibez at Healthy Vibe South Yarra.
The vegan variety is very real here, but you'll be able to drag your not-so-vegan friends along too. Because dumplings.

But back to the important person here, you, the vegan.
You're gonna find vegan dumplings, salad, pecan rolls, chickpea curry, pumpkin & ginger soup, potato cakes and four fabulous vegan desserts. You're also gonna (probably) find the actual meaning of life - hidden in one of their tofu and mushroom dumplings or somethin'.

Thanks 4 reading, it was nice to meat meet you.