Level Up Your Lunch Break - Sydney

It's Monday. The only thing that's helping you through the day is your long-awaited lunch hour. But you packed a salad...
It's soggy now. Why did you do that? 🙄


We are SO dedicated to making sure that your 9 'til 5 grind doesn't mean a sad prepacked meal for lunch. Leave last night's leftovers and microwave meals to the uninformed others - like Bob from accounting.

We're going to show you how to eat like actual royalty in your (always too short) lunch break. And the funds? Don't stress. With Liven you'll be doing lunch out of the office on the reg, since you'll be stacking up that super handy Liven Ca$h!

We'll have you back feelin' fresh, juuuust in time to finish that task you keep sidelining. Bang. Everyone wins.


Smash down some spicy Indian street food on your lunch break.
Grab the Bombay Lunch Box for $9.90, packed with your choice of butter chicken, chicken chennai, rogan josh, lamb vindaloo, mixed veg or mattar paneer.

It also come with rice and a pappadum. Mad value and only available over lunchtime! We don't know how - but we've heard it's also at least 50% more satisfying to eat after watching everyone else in the office eat underwhelming sandwiches. 💁🏼


MAD SPUDS CAFE (Surry Hills)

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It's not often that you stumble upon a problem that cannot be solved by potatoes. Emotions? Potatoes. Lunch time hunger? Potatoes.

Mad Spuds went ahead and created a WHOLE damn café dedicated to spuds; making us very happy and your lunch choices much easier. Go grab a pimped out potato. It's quick, tasty and brilliantly carb-y. Office potato partyyyyyy.


THE GIANT BEAN (Marrickville)

Take a break from your giant day at The Giant Bean and eat giant burgs.
Haven't bean? You're missing out.

Beef, buttermilk chicken, steak, pork or vegetarian burgers- plus a lunch parma and fettuccine. There's also a shake that comes with a whole damn donut on top. 🙀 If you're down with being out of action with a food coma for the rest of the business day, this is the place 4 u.



Head to Casa Ristorante and ball out solo, or make it the venue for your next business meeting.

Grilled barramundi, chargrilled sirloin, BBQ pulled pork, butternut pumpkin & grilled halloumi salad. Sounds a lot like a successful business meeting to us. Do you think they'll notice if you have a margarita or three with your lunch? Certainly not.


EAT FUH (Marrickville)

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Lunch time calls for pho! Pho sure. Pho real. Pho ever.

In a blatant attempt to conquer mispronouncing of the word, they went ahead and called their restaurant EAT FUH. Yes, it's pronounced FUH and if you're still pronouncing it wrong at this point, you're a lost cause.💁

There's vegan pho too. Yay.


Lunch? Let's gooooooooooooooo.