7 Summer Things To Do in Melbourne That Aren't The Beach

The beach is great until you're a sand-covered mess sporting a third degree sunburn and obscure tan lines. Melbourne's got waaay more to offer.

We've found a bunch of sand-free Summer activities and paired them with some great restaurants nearby. Think of us as your very own summer sommelier or something.

So grab ur shades and sunscreen, we're going on an adventure. You can leave your wallet at home tho, cause all of the restaurants along the way are on Liven. The future is NOW. 😎



Moonlight Cinema + L.A Burger

Pick a flick, grab some tickets and head to The Royal Botanical Gardens to the Moonlight Cinema. What's showing? Expect advance screenings of new movies like Breathe, Paddington 2, and Pitch Perfect 3 (are THREE movies about acapella singing ever necessary?🤔). You'll also find some classics, like Love Actually (number one always), Dirty Dancing and The Breakfast Club. With all movies kicking off at 8:30pm, you've got plenty time for some serious snacking before.

What are we eating?
Burgers PLUS The Breakfast Club. Both classic, and together; the foolproof recipe to a killer date. Head to L.A Burgers on Toorak Rd before the movie.The Moonlight Cinema is just a short walk away, so you'll have some time to digest before sinking into a very comfortable, beanbag cushioned food coma.


Pop Up Park @ Elizabeth Street + Lord of the Fries

A pop up park? Say what now? How does one 'pop up' a park? Where does it come from? Where does it go? We have a whole lot of questions that need to be answered. But regardless, the concept of a pack away park on a city street is pretty exciting. There's trees, movable furniture and artificial turf. Interesting...

What are we eating?
We're thinking a Lord of the Fries picnic in the (fake, kind of odd) temporary park? You bring the picnic blanket, we'll bring the vegan HSP, fries and meat-free burgs. Sounds good, yeah?


Camberwell Sunday Market + Juno & May

One mans trash is another mans treasure, right? You'll find both trash and treasure at the Camberwell Market - but that's the fun part! Secondhand designer finds, food trucks, startup labels, records, vintage pieces and flowers sold by very jolly old men.

What are we eating?
With an entrance that backs right onto the market, Juno & May fits right into your Sunday agenda. Their brunch is something EVERYONE should experience. (Double stack pancakes with meringue, Mediterranean breakfast board, sweet potato fritters...)


Photography + Hobba Prahran

Take a stand against the Instagram hotdogs or legs beach spam and spend a Summer Sunday solo wandering around the back streets of Prahran with your camera. You, your phone and a day of seriously solid shots for IG. You'll be set for months.

What are we eating?
After you've exhausted all of city snap locations on your bucket list , get a lunch worth 23342 pics at Hobba. Smoothies, spiked shakes, the prettiest pancakes you've ever seen and a pulled brisket baguette!? Your photo needs will be met, and your belly will be fed. PURE happiness.


RMIT Basketball + Laksa Bar

How about shootin' some b-ball out side of the school?
We heard there's some fierce competiton cooking up on the courts of RMIT. You may not ever be the Prince of Bel Air, but the Prince of the RMIT Basketball courts seems like a pretty achievable goal to set.

What are we eating?
Keep that heart pumping (or sooth the bitter pain of your brutal loss) with some spicy Laksa, from Laksa Bar. It's a pretty big space, so you'll be able to grab a table fit for the whole team. Losing team foots the bill. Buuut that would also mean they get all the Liven Cash... Sooo, it's up to you, really.


St Kilda Twilight Market + Itali.co

We've suggested a morning market, but if you struggle to roll outta bed that early (we feel ya), how about a market at twilight? Every Thursday of Summer at 5pm, swing by St Kilda's O'Donnell Gardens for the Twilight Market. Sea breeze, Luna Park lights and a cute Summer shopping experience. All that AND a sleep in. You can have it all.

What are we eating?
Before you head to the market, pull up a seat in the outside dining space at Itali.co. Any night that begins with pizza and wine is bound for great things. If you're feeling a bit snacky again later in the night, there'll be some food stalls at the market too. (We are always hungry.)


Bike Ride + Criniti's

Go and dust the cobwebs off that bicycle in the shed and take a leisurely cruise along Southbank. If you don't have a bike, maybe you could hire out an oBike!? One more on the streets, one less in the Yarra, right? 😅

What are we eating?
Bet you've worked up an appetite, you budding cyclist, you! Criniti's serves up a ONE METRE pizza, so you can go ahead and treat yourself for all that hard work (or undo it all 🤔). There's also Ducatis sprinkled all around the restaurant, so you can consider the purchase of a bike that doesn't require all that tedious pedalling you just endured.

Important side note:
We are not as SALTY about the beach as this article may make it seem.