6 Spots for Summer Sippers in Melb

Summer drinks ain't nothing without a killer place to consume them. How you gonna sip sangria or spritz in a sweaty takeaway store?

We've used our professional knowledge in the area of summer drinking spots to make a list of venues for you to visit for bevs this season. (Because when else will we find use for this ridiculously specific information?)

Time for some happy hour hopping. ๐Ÿ˜



Attached to the entrance of "The Cullen" Art Series Hotel, Gramercy has doggy friendly dining area filled with hanging ferns and potted plants. If it's sunny out, the blinds will be up - opening the area right onto Chapel St.

Pair this space with a couple of sliders and an endless flow of Aperol Spritz and you've found the recipe for the perfect Summer afternoon. You could even back it up with a bar crawl along Chapel if you're feeling game. ๐Ÿ˜

tl;dr | Fern jungle with doggies, burgs & spiked shakes.

ROBARTA (St Kilda)

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If casual drinks with your friends is often prone to resulting in a big night out that wraps with drunken fastfood binges at 4am, Robarta is probably the place for you.

Pop in at 6 for Asian tapas and casual cocktails in the outdoor dining area - then hang around and watch as this quickly transforms to tequila and DJ's after 10. On Saturday, the party kicks until 8am. 8am Sunday, that is. Find strength.

tl;dr | Kick ons and clubbing is on the cards.

BLUETRAIN (Southbank)

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Outdoor drinks & dining is fun until it's 40 degrees and the flies take a personal vendetta against you and your pizza. Thats when you know to get to an inside, airconditioned venue. Cue Bluetrain.

Cityloop cocktails inspired by the iconics streets of Melb, mean burgs, pizza and share plates. Also, please do not leave until you've tried their lasagne burger. (Yes, it is in fact exactly what it sounds like it is and it's everything we live for.)

tl;dr | Cocktails inspired by the streets of Melb and a freakin' lasagne burger.

BOSOZOKU (South Yarra)

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Grab Summer drinks with your gang without all that notoriously painful small talk. Just off Chapel St, this space is fit with a Mario Kart side room, karaoke, pool, tunes and a dry ice spa. You just try to have a conversation with me about the weather when I'm belting out a Britney tune. See what happens.

Boso will keep you all fuelled up for fun the with bubble cup cocktails, burger bento and transparent espresso martinis. Why are they transparent? Because aesthetics. And like, science and stuff.

tl;dr | ALL of the activities, bubble cup cocktails and a transparent espresso martini.


Cocktails and Korean charcoal BBQ. Given that you barbecue your food before you put away 5 of their Japanese Slippers, you're in for a good one.

There's a BBQ station fixed to every table, so you can all get hands on with cooking - or elect the most eligible chef among you. If you're just coming for drinks (good 1), there's a sweet little balcony area and some seating happening out the front too.

tl;dr | D.I.Y Korean charcoal BBQ, followed by a few too many Japanese cocktails.

VELUDO (St Kilda)

Now here's a boozy conclusion to your beach day. Veludo homes a gorgeous garden bar and transforms to a club a couple nights a week. They also have a tapas menu that will literally make you want to order one of everything. We'd strongly advise you not to resist that urge.

If you happen to be out and about on a Tuesday afternoon in St Kilda, "Cheap House Tuesday" at Veludo leaves the night open to endless possibilities with $5 basics and $8 jรคger bombs. ๐Ÿ˜

tl;dr | Quiet bevs become a bit rowdy after too many $5 basics and $8 jรคger bombs.