Get 6 FREE Wings at NeNe Chicken!

Nene Chicken is now on Liven! We're celebrating by giving all new Liven users 6 free wings. 😏


Here's how to get your chicken:

  1. Download Liven
  2. Open the β€˜Promo Codes’ page
  3. Apply the code below, valid for $8 (6 wings) at any participating NeNe Chicken outlet
  4. Order and 'pay' for your wings. Your code will be applied!


Participating locations:

β€’ Melbourne Central
β€’ Box Hill
β€’ Highpoint
β€’ Chadstone

05e5b741-d1d3-4930-b958-37f8ab852323Sweet or spicy? Don't pick. Have both! Meet NeNe's Swicy chicken.

c8948306-f11e-4dd7-8cc4-735de98367deHeat things up with the Freaking Hot chicken. Not for the faint of heart...

5a5521ab-3d0a-4f32-99a4-9617822f278bChicken and cheese is all we need. Try NeNe's Snowing Cheese chicken.

Send us a pic if you try the freaking hot. πŸ˜‰