5 Not-So-Basic Dining Experiences! πŸ’

Prone to pretending to browse the menu before flicking to page three and ordering the SAME dish as your last ten visits?

Yeah... Guilty. βœ‹ Playing it safe is always a solid option but we bet your pub parma isn't any more mind-blowing than the last time you ordered it.

Here are 5 ways of dining you might not have tried. Add them to the bucket list!



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It's risky business bestowing the fate of your steak to someone else. Visit Takumi to table-cook your own premium wagyu beef, with the widest range of prime wagyu cuts in Australia AND an all you can eat option. Also, plenty of Shōchū, sake and Japanese cocktails. 😏

RESTO BOBO (Windsor)

We bet you've had your fair share of pizza in your life. But FRENCH pizza? Maybe not. Cue Resto Bobo - serving Tarte FlambΓ©e. Thinner, lighter, crispier and dare we say better than your regular pizza? We'll leave that to you.

BOSOZOKU (South Yarra)

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Boso takes every obscure novelty that we never knew needed and brings them all to a beautiful union that we now cannot live without. Burger bento, bubble cup cocktails, a dry ice spa, a pool table, Mario Kart, karaoke and recycled bus chairs. Yes thanks.


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Sit at one of the 19 cooking stations and watch as an expert Teppanyaki chef prepares your meal right in front of you. We are totally impatient when hangry - but waiting for your meal at Riverside Teppanyaki is a show of flames, flare and wild knife skills. Take as long as you want. Actual magicians.


If you're known for pushing the socially appropriate amount of cheese on top of your pasta, this is something you've got to experience. There's no scarcity of cheese here at The Swiss Club. Get a wild ONE KILOGRAM of Gruyère Cheese fondue to dip your bread, sausages and apple in. Move on over cheese boards and fried halloumi.

Brb, eating our weight in premium wagyu...