White Night Supper Survival 😋🍴

Sleep is for the weak. But we know you a tough cookie. That's why you've already made plans with your nocturnal friends to hang out till dawn at Melbourne's annual White Night, right? 👯‍

Take a tip from us (especially me, because I made this rookie mistake last year): don't. go. too. early.

Any time between 7 – 10PM is deemed peak hour, so before you set off into the crowds for a crazy night, you might wanna take a second to have a breather while you sip on your cocktail(s) and enjoy some soon to be lost personal space.

We've found you 8 amazing spots to dine before your White Night adventures – all close to the major attractions.

TAKUMI (Bourke Street)

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Japanese shabu-shabu your thing? Takumi has Kobe beef with a marbling score of 9. We're talkin' premium grade steak here, people. Otherwise, sit for an all-you-can-eat feast (for as long as 1.5 hours).

Don't forget your sesame ice cream after! 🍦

They're up till 10PM, and only an 8 minute walk to Carlton Gardens.

BASTA (Fitzroy)

We went ahead and checked the weather forecast for you and it looks like it'll be a lil chilly. Your jacket might help, but why not also stop by Basta, order a hearty Cavatelli Alla Norma, and pair it with some fancy wine? Nero D'avola, Sangiovese, Barolo? 🍾

They're up till 11PM, and only an 8 minute walk to the Melbourne Museum.


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Bacon makes everything better. Case in point, Il Gambero's killer Oyster Kilpatrick. If that's not enough to fill you up, maybe you'd prefer to have a Mexicana pizza in one hand and a beer in the other? Mm-mm-mm.

They're up till 10PM, and just a 5 minute walk to the Melbourne Museum.

BLUETRAIN (Southbank)

I'm a simple girl. I see buns, I press like. 😉 Head on over to Bluetrain and have a set of THREE buns. Heaven. Grab either tofu and slaw (VGN), karaage chicken, or smoked BBQ pork. Then wash it all down with a cocktail jug or four. 🍹

They're up till 10PM, and you're just a 2 minute walk to the NGV.

CRINITI'S (Southbank)

Admit defeat. ✋ There's no way you could handle this 3 meter monster pizza without your entire #squad there for backup.

Pick the toppings in halves or quarters – and if you're all small eaters, they come in 1 and 2 meter sizes too.

They're up till 11:30PM, plus, just a 10 minute walk to NGV.


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Just ask any Malaysian (or Singaporean), they'll all tell you that the absolute best Char Kuey Teow comes from Penang. Orient-East's Penang-style dishes are just like the real deal. Still hungry? Try the satay skewers! 😩👌

They're up till 9PM, and they're a 15 minute walk to the Arts Centre.


They're more well-known for their signature pizzas and pastas, but I say go to Wood N' Chimney for a quick pool game while you snack on your honey glazed spicy chicken wings, Moroccan aubergine fingers, and arcancini. Yum! 👅

They're hidden away at the top of Melbourne Central, so you can jump straight into the action when you're done.

They're up till 10PM, and you're basically on top of the State Library.


Turn the heat up at Nirankar, with their wide selection of both meat and vegan curries that cater to certain special dietary needs (VGN/ GF/ LF/ NF).

If the spice level gets out of hand, their pistachio or mango kulfi will be your saviour, but true heroes go straight to the Vindaloo, no cop outs.

They're up till 10:30PM, and just a 10 minute walk from the State Library.

Or, check what's near you on the Liven app for heaps of delicious snacks, and awesome Liven Cash earned on every transaction. 🤳

Also, to avoid wandering around fruitlessly, plan your White Night to get the very most out of this amazing event.

And if you're game to stay out till the wee hours, you might as well wait for the sunrise at 6:52AM! 🌅