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Meet... Kristen!

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✏️ At Liven I...
Work in Marketing and Social Media. I am guilty of producing many of Liven's pun-packed emails and blog posts.

⏰ In my spare time...
I'm on an everlasting quest to find Melbourne's best burger. I'm also in my final semester of my University degree.

πŸ₯‘ My favourite food is...
Avocado. There has never been a time that I haven't felt like avocado. Genuine life hack:layer vegemite, smashed avocado, tomato and feta on toast.

🎡 Right now, I'm listening to...
Potato Salad by A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator.

Here are my favourite places to eat on Liven...
A very bias "Best of Liven" as told by a very hungry 20 year old with a sweet tooth.


I've been known to do cheat day to a much more extensive level than most. πŸ‘€ Three One 2 One makes me very happy with over-sized shakes, burgers and a sizable cocktail menu.

You should order...
The Kickass Mac and Cheese. This is one of - if not THE - best burger I have ever had. When you combine pasta, beef, cheese, jalapenos and bread, you're bound for brilliance. πŸ˜› I also love the Neverland shake, but if ordered alongside a burger, prepare yourself for a day long food coma. Worth it.

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Classic Italian in a stunning Southbank location with unparalleled city views. In true Italian hospitality, the team at La Camera are always so friendly and welcoming.

You should order...
The "Heaven for Two". One of the few treats that not even I could conquer - this dessert is served by the FISH BOWL. I tried the "Euphoria on Earth" layered with warm Belgian waffle, cookies & cream icecream, blueberry compote, pistachio & meringue crush and chocolate shavings. Finished with a very cinematic warm caramel drizzle. You should also try the calamari, "How Do You Like Them Apples" cocktail and the arancini. And the pizza. And everything.

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(South Yarra)

You just try to get bored here. I guarentee it won't fly. Bosozoku has got karaoke, Mario Kart and a dry ice spa. Yes - I said a dry ice spa. I won't even try to explain.

Sink into your reworked bus seat (no kidding) and enjoy burger bento, bubble cup cocktails and other ridiculously delicious snaxxx. They also do all you can eat gyoza.

You should order...
The "Road Rage" burger. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Thin sliced ms7 wagyu on a beetroot bun. 🀀 Pair it with one of their previously mentioned bubble cup cocktails. I can vouch for the "blue heaven" with vanilla infused French vodka, De Kuyper Blue Curacao, Calpico soda and blackcurrant pearls. You could also try their CLEAR espresso martini. Just a world first. No big deal.


(Box Hill | Melbourne Central)
I tried NeNe for the first time just over a month ago now - ensuing what has been an almost worrying obsession.

You should order...
The Swicy Chicken. I really don't want to think about how much of this I have eaten in the month I've known about it, but just know that it's good. Really good.

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The Liven team spent a good 5 hours at Hobba filming a promotional video. Throughout the whole time we were there, we never got sick of sitting in this space. A renovated tire factory, with exposed brick walls & rafters, hanging plants and bulky pendant lighting.

You should order...
The waffles. I'm sorry for two consecutive waffle recommendations, but it's very necessary. Chocolate & peanut butter waffles, served with Nutella icecream, chocolate sauce, peanut brittle & macerated berries. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

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Gramercy Social is one of my favourite places to kick back with a drink. It's doggy friendly, filled with foliage, and overall a really nice place to be - day or night.

You should order...
The Hell's Kitchen burger! Beef, cheese, jalapeΓ±os, lettuce & sriracha mayo. Gramercy also crafts up some immaculate cocktails. Pictured is their White Chocolate & Raspberry martini - which was freakin' amazing. I'm also partial to a good espresso martini - and Gramercy has absolutely got them all worked out.