Must-have Tools for Marketing Your Restaurant


The success of your new venture doesn’t just depend on cooking the best chile-en-nogada or the lightest souffles. Good marketing is key; it gets people through the door to sample your delicious food. Here’s a a guide on some of tools of the trade to amplify your digital marketing arsenal.

A Website To Wow

Becoming one of the most well known restaurants in your city doesn't only mean having the best food in town. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you'll want to pull as much online search volume as possible. You can do this with a killer website. A killer website doesn't mean it needs to be flashy. User-friendly and visually appealing is key and can easily be done. We recommend website creators such as Squarespace and Wordpress that'll do the job pretty well.

Your website should look inviting, with enticing pictures of signature dishes showcasing your eatery’s inviting ambience. We cannot stress this enough, good looking photos make a big difference from having a person look at your website to coming into your restaurant. Just as important is the need for all uploaded images to be mobile-friendly; keep photos reasonably small to ensure loading speeds are up to scratch.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To create a strong online presence, your website should incorporate smart tactics to ensure searchability online. Often, this means having someone on board that can assess your SEO efforts, ensuring keywords are carefully incorporated into any content, checking URL structuring and mapping your website efficiently.

Social Media

With a billion users worldwide, social media giant Facebook can be a very effective marketing tool, with posts easy to share across other social media network such as Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Whereas customers on your website are there to find out more about you, Facebook posts will usually appear in a newsfeed, so they need to be attention-grabbing from the get-go.

  • Analytics

With Facebook’s powerful analytics features you can see which posts work most effectively, who your customers are and the best times to post on social media.

  • Comments, feedback and engagement

Reach travels further once conversations are started. Drive higher engagement by asking questions in Facebook posts, receive customer feedback quickly and respond accordingly.

  • Facebook Events

Facebook can send your fans calendar-based notifications or details about an upcoming event.

  • Facebook Live

Video is streamed live to showcase any aspect of your restaurant from a cooking demonstration, meet staff or give a virtual tour of your eatery.

Google My Business

Keep your free Google listing current by updating search page details, adding a short SEO sentence description, as well as how and when your customers can find you.

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Emails can be a very powerful way to reach your customers and keep your brand in direct communication with them. We recommend tools like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. Both are free options unless you hit a threshold of emails, but that just means you're growing and getting more customers!


Sometimes it's hard to do all of the above by yourself. When you can, leverage a marketing solution that will aggregate your efforts to get more customers into your restaurant. That's where we come in. Liven is an always-on marketing solution for restaurants all over Australia.