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Eat somewhere new, EARN MONEY TOO?! This whole Liven thing's an absolute win-win situation IMO. Well, I hope you're hungry, 'cause I'm about to serve up my freshest take on the best of Liven.



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Consider your Thai cravings satisfied~ These guys are known for being THE student-friendly Thai place on Elizabeth Street, offering deliciously sweet Pad Thai and Tom Yum in MEGA portions - without fail. 😌


You should order...
The mountain of Spicy Fried Chicken Ribs. They're crispy, juicy and literally so popular, even your mom's brother's cat raves about them. Okay, I kid, but I'm serious about the quality of their food. If you're just popping in and out for takeaway, their Tom Yum Fried Rice or Crispy Pork Rice would definitely do the trick. If you're rounding up some friends for THE GREAT THAI FEAST, you'll want to go all out with the fried chicken πŸ— and order some Green Curry to share.

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Ask for a wedge of lemon/lime to go with your Pad Thai, and check out our other Thai food faves if you've got the thai-me πŸ•˜πŸ˜‰


(CBD / Malvern / Chadstone / Highpoint / Greensborough)
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Rozzi's has a PIZZA my heart because there's something for everyone here! Whether you're in for a light salad or a stack of huge pizzas, it's a terrific place to grab lunch with the mates. P.S. You could even get a cake after to end off on a sweet note. Mmm cake. 🍰


You should order...
The Rozzi's Special Pizza. Think prosciutto, double smoked ham, scallops and prawns w truffle oil and buffalo mozzarella on a slice. πŸ˜› I would also recommend the Rozzi's Rocket that's layered with love and comes in plenty of flavours to spoil you for choice.

🎢 Take a Rozzi's Rocket, put it in your pocket, never let it go to waste 🎢

Though they're good for quick lunches or takeouts, they also do scrumptious Italian spreads for large groups! Pass the pasta~ 🍝

Have a look around the store for combo deals like 2 pizzas + water for $10! πŸ‘€


Well said, Jack Black.


(CBD / Prahran)

Okay, so this one's not edible at all, but it's for the folks who wanna stretch something other than our bellies from all the food we're eating. πŸ˜…

New Liven members get THREE FREE classes, and 8 weeks FREE with a year of membership. KAYA is one of the most relaxing fitness clubs I have ever been in, with state of the art facilities and unlimited access to over 330 Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Barre, Boxing & Fitness Circuit classes.

You should try...
Their authentic Yoga classes. They provide yoga blocks, bolsters and mats to help you achieve the right posture and the most comfortable experience.


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This drink franchise from Taiwan is a must-try, famous for their strong tea flavours and unique combinations like 'toffee oolong', 'mango alisan' or 'grape green tea'. Add your favourite toppings and slurp away! 😚

You should order...
My personal favourite is the Earl Grey Milk Tea & 3JS with half sugar, but the fun part about bubble tea is the adventure of mixing and matching, isn't it? πŸ˜‚

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Their gelato is frozen ON THE SPOT with liquid nitrogen. How cool is that? 😯 Besides being a visual treat, it's also scientifically proven to produce top quality gelato. On top of that, you'll get chocolate ganache syringes and an overload of matching toppings. They're also constantly innovating to update their menu to keep you coming back for more.

You should order...
Their Dirty Banana. It's simple, but the most perfect combination. We're talking chocolate fudge with crushed oreo pieces churned in banana gelato 🍌🍫 Get in quick, or it might not be there when you get there!



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Can't decide between a sushi or a burger? How about both? πŸ€— Or if you're into Japanese curries, noodles and sashimi, they've got the lot! Choose between chicken katsu, teriyaki pulled beef, fresh sashimi and more. Then, make it a combo with chips and a drink or a salad with miso soup. πŸ˜‹

You should order...
The Tempura Soft Shell Crab Burger, or the Unagi Burger. ('Cause who actually knows how to prepare some tasty grilled eel or soft shell crab at home?! Teach me, please.)

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Speaking of burgers... Liven's put together a list of our 7 bucket list burgers.

Now go grab a friend and stuff your faces! Earn digital cashback when you pay with Liven for your next meal. You're most welcome!


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