Must have Apps for Vegans & Vegetarians

A vegan lifestyle contains variety, diversity and beautiful complexity. Despite this, most vegans are asked constantly by well-meaning friends, “What exactly do you eat?”. Feel free to point them in the direction of these apps that every vegan and their friends, should have at their fingertips.

Apps for OG Vegans & Vegitarians


Happy Cow
This is one of the original vegan and vegetarian-centred apps, allowing users to search for and review cafes and restaurants. It also provides handy tips and posts on different elements of the vegan lifestyle such as starting out, travel and raw food.

Recommended for anyone who wants to eat vegetarian or vegan.

Never let it be said that vegans don’t know how to party. This app offers a pretty comprehensive lists of vegan-appropriate beers, wines and liquor. FYI the good news is: most hard liquors like whiskey, vodka, gin and rum are vegan.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys a tipple with their tofu.

Apps For New Vegans Starting Out

21-day vegan kickstart
Just starting out and exploring veganism? Receive helpful tips and easy, delicious recipes. The free online program begins every Monday. With its focus on good health, the app gives meal plans, nutrition advice and celebrity coaching tips.

Recommended for people kick starting vegan journey.

Is it Vegan?
Make sure the food you’re buying is vegan-friendly with this simple app. Just scan the barcode on packaging and presto, information at your fingertips. Data on products outside the US is still quite limited, but Australian users recommend directly entering in any suspicious ingredients or e-numbers to check if they’re suitable for a vegan diet.

Recommended for vegans or vegetarians who want to explore new food options but don’t want to trip themselves up.

Vegan Friendly Apps

Get rewarded for being vegan! Next time you want to go out with friends, you don’t have to settle for a bowl full of boiled vegetables because the restaurant has no vegan options. Discover the best vegetarian or vegan restaurants, bars and cafes near where you with Liven.

With Liven, you can browse from a list of curated restaurants, cafes or bars and pay for your meal with the app. Everytime you eat out, you warn Liven reward credits. These rewards can be anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent off the total bill, which can be put towards trying out the next vegan dining spot or donated to a nonprofit.

Recommended for anyone who likes eating out with friends — vegan or not. Available on iPhone and Android.

Elegantly Vegan
This app was created by a Swedish recipe developer when she discovered good vegan breakfasts are hard to find.

It’s divided into meal types, with an inbuilt serving calculator for portion sizes. The app is also voice-activated (in English and Swedish), which means you don’t get your sticky fingers all over your phone or tablet while you’re cooking up a storm. Simply put, this app is like one fabulous, interactive cookbook.

Recommended for absolutely anyone — vegan or not.

Sticking strictly to a vegan lifestyle can sometimes take a bit of planning and organisation. Information at your fingertips through these apps, meaning that you can have your vegan dairy-free, egg-free cake and eat it too.