App Lets You Earn Food by Eating Food

Apps have really evolved over the years. From the retro Snake to the early days of Angry Birds to AI assistants in our mobile phones at your voices-request. The capabilities are boundless and have given us new ways to do new things.

And now, we have an app that rewards you food when you eat food!

Introducing Liven

By paying for your meal at one of Liven's 1,000 partner merchants (soon to be thousands globally), you earn 10-30% of your bill back into your Liven wallet - free food, drink or snacks!

Your reward is given to you in Liven Cash and you can donate it directly to charities or save it for your next meal. Later this year, you'll even be able to send your funds to others in the network with the world's first digital currency for food, LVN! Our food money for the masses.

Liven wants to help you do more of what matters to you, by rewarding for these experiences!

So how do you start earning food by eating food?

It's pretty simple, download the app, use it to discover amazing restaurants, head to the restaurant to enjoy their delicious food, use Liven to pay at restaurants, bars and cafes and get rewarded 10-30% of what you spend!

Using the app is easy, like when you're using any other payment or digital wallet app. Order with the venue, pay with one click using the app, enjoy as you normally do and know you're about to earn for your spend.

If you're looking for a place to dine, brunch or drink, take a look at Liven's app - we've got an intuitive map for you to find what's nearby and we don't just take on anyone into our network, expect quality food from a variety of quality venues.

And when you're out there, get rewarded for it!