Hack Your Work Lunch - Melbourne

We’re particularly passionate about making sure your 9 ‘til 5 grind doesn’t mean a soggy sandwich for lunch.

Leave microwave meals and mid-week meltdowns to the uninformed others... like Pam from payroll. The world deserves better.

Sometimes you wanna B.Y.O lunch & snacks, other times you want something quick & easy. Occasionally, you gotta splurge on something special; just to make it through the day.

We GET it. And we've GOT you, no matter what you're feeling.


Bring Your Own

The Problem: You're low on fundz, high on hunger.
The Solutions:

We are raging enthusiasts of the office snack drawer. Stock up on your favourite snacks, and stash them in your desk drawer. Padlock optional, but highly recommended. Your stationary can go somewhere else. Whether it muesli bars and apples or a 4 pack of big V's and onions rings, like the unnamed Liven employee above...

Long live the potluck. If you trust your colleagues cooking abilities enough, pick a day, and have everyone bring a homemade dish in to share. Try it all. Even the undressed garden salad and tbe burnt pasta bake.
Image: A Potluck of Purpose

Cook up a mean feast the night before, and bring it to work (clearly labelled) the next day. If you work with people who like you, it'll probably still be in the fridge come lunch time! We found this neat little collection of meal prep inspo, check it out here.

Quick, Cheap and Easy

The Problem: You're not quite ready to drop a twenny, but also not quite ready to commit to pre-packed pasta.
The Solutions:

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SUMOSALAD (QV City, Collins Place, Chadstone, Caulfield University, Melbourne Central)
Affordable, healthy, versatile and allll over Melbourne. SumoSalad is guilt free and delicious. Fun fact: the Liven office lived off Sumo Salad lunches for like, a month straight.

ROLL'D (Barkly Square, QV, Highpoint, Victoria Gardens, 357 Collins St, Collins Place, Southern Cross Lane, Eastland, Jam Factory, Southland, Knox, Northland, Southgate, Knox Kiosk, Malvern Central)
Fresh Vietnamese street eats! Roll'd has a large (and affordable) menu of delicious Vietnamese meals - including bao, pho, goi, gỏi cuốn, bánh mì and cơm tấm.


The Problem: You simply will not make it through the day unless you ball outtttt on your break.
The Solutions:

Sicily awaits... except in Kew, not Italy.
Plan a rendezvous with your favourite Mister, lunch time on Thursdays and Fridays. He'll treat you to fine, fine dining with your choice of either 2 ($30) or 3 ($38) courses and a glass of house wine or beer.

We cannot think of anything more glorious than the combination of pizza and alcohol on a lunch break. Pause the work project and pop on out of the office to go grab Eat'Aliano's Tuesday lunch special. You'll get a pizza and beer for twenty dollars, or a pasta and wine for twenty-five.

You'll make it through the week... One meal at a time.

Banner image: DIY Bunker.