How to Order Gong Cha Like a Pro 😎

Since Gong Cha’s made its de-brew (debut 😉) on Liven, we thought we'd give you guys the ultimate guide on how to order Gong Cha like a pro. (P.S. we’ve got pro-tips for the more experienced folks!)

Originally from Taiwan, the bubble tea phenomenon is a build-your-own drink experience that can spawn wacky and wonderful creations depending on your choices.


Think back to your first time at Gong Cha. You stood in the longest line in the world and shuffled from left to right to catch a glimpse of the menu that was wayyyy ahead of you. You reach the front and suddenly, it felt like there was some sort of time bomb about to blow. You scanned through the menu one last time before blurting out the first thing that caught your eye.

You thought you were ready to pay, but the courteous staff reminded you that you still needed to choose the size. Regular, or large? Large? Regular? You thought of all the people waiting behind you for their turn at the time bomb, as you were hit with the sugar and ice options. Not to forget the FIFTEEN toppings you simply couldn’t decide between. I mean, which of the SIX different jellies would best match your drink?! 🤯


Okay, I'm being dramatic, but we’ve all been there before! Perhaps this still happens to you every single time, or maybe you haven’t ordered bubble tea in your life, and you’d like to change that. Well, congratulations! 🎉 This is your ultimate Gong Cha guide.

Bubble tea shops pride themselves on having a wide variety of options, so if you don’t have this step-by-step process wrapped around your finger, it can be a tad confusing.

Not to worry, we’ve broken it down into super easy steps guaran-tea-d to help you with your next bubble tea experience: Flavour, Temperature/Texture, Size, Sugar, Ice and Toppings.


Milk or no milk? This can be the hardest step for many, but once you’ve passed this hurdle, you’ll finish off like a champ! 🏆

Generally, green tea and white tea pair well with fruity or floral flavours. Roasted black tea can go well with fruity, floral AND creamy flavours. Then again, it’s also up to your own taste buds to decide.

Pro-tip! Green tea or white tea have less caffeine than black tea. Oolong tea sits somewhere in between.


With Melbo's ever changing weather, you're gonna want to choose wisely between the hot, iced or blended options.

Most of the drinks can be served nice and hot, with a few exceptions. For those sweltering hot summer days, Gong Cha's got a killer smoothie menu.

Pro-tip! They've also got a yoghurt series if you want to try out a different creamy texture.


Here at Liven, we almost always get the large... 😛 But if you want to stay regular then you do you!


0% / 30% / 50% / 70% / 100%

It's pretty self-explanatory, but note that you can skip this step if you order certain flavours with honey. When in doubt, go for half sugar.

Food for thought: Do you think bubble tea was created to be enjoyed at 100% or 0% sugar level? Which is the original? Or perhaps it's somewhere in between...



For cold drinks, of course! If you’re a fast drinker, order less ice. You don’t want to have ice left over after you’ve finished your drink.

If you like to drink your bubble tea slowly, opt for no ice so that the drink doesn’t get too diluted over time.


If you haven’t already tried the chewy goodness that is the classic black pearl topping, here's good news: They mix well with any tea flavour.

Velvety pudding is a great addition to creamy drinks, but doesn’t work too well with fruity or floral flavours.

Want something that's lighter and less filling? Opt for the grass jelly or ai-yu jelly which go SUPER well with citrus drinks.

Pro-tip! If you're pairing your Gong Cha with a meal, you can totally ask for less toppings. They don't mind!

Gong Cha's milk foam is arguably the best in the business, but have a taste and you can be the judge! They even have CHEESE milk foam, one of the recent trends in the world of bubble tea.

Is it an Aussie thing to have oreo and coffee jelly for toppings? 🤔 (Those aren't on the Singapore menu, last I checked!)

If it's your first time ordering, don’t feel obligated to create a complicated drink. Instead, order something that sounds delicious to you.

With all of the different potential combinations of tea and toppings, the possibilities are too many to count!

Now, you're ready to customize your Gong Cha drink like a true pro!


Earl Grey Milk Tea + 3JS
Cold, Large, Half Sugar, No Ice.

This one’s for those who love a greater toppings to tea ratio. Milk tea just goes so damn well with pearls, pudding and herbal jelly.

Taro Milk Tea
Hot, Large, Half Sugar.

LOVE the chunks of taro, 'cause most of the time bubble tea shops just use powder. 🙄

Pearl Milk Tea
Cold, Large, Little Sugar, Less Ice.

Call us basic all you want, but you should seriously try this if you haven't. 😌

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