Must-have Apps for Foodies

A really good food app is like a fork – it makes eating a great meal easier, faster and a smidge more elegant. There’s a gazillion food apps around, but if you ask us, these are the eight that worth taco-ing about.

  1. Liven
    Forget trying to attract the waiter with the traditional ‘cheque please’ gesture. With Liven, you can discover thousands of amazing restaurants on the app, pay the bill with a single tap, and earn cash rewards for doing so.

The app gives you up rewards worth up to 30 percent of your bill, which you can spend on another delicious meal or donate to selected charities. The best part is when you pay with your reward earnings, you earn on top of that too!

  1. foodfriends
    Find your the only one of your friends who wants to try the new Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant around the corner? No stress. Foodfriends helps you connect with people who share your love of food. You can meet up with fellow foodies and exchange tips on the best places to eat.

  2. The Happy Cow
    Make a beeline for the tastiest vegetarian spots with The Happy Cow. You can read thousands of reviews, check out interactive maps, and save tips offline in case you’re caught without Wi-Fi.

  3. Wine Glass
    All good foodies know about the importance of choosing the perfect glass of wine. But let’s face it, it’s not always an easy task (does anybody actually know what Cote de Beaune is?) That’s why WineGlass is so helpful. Snap a cheeky picture of the wine list and you’re given a blow by blow of how much each bottle should cost, what critics say about the flavour and what goes well with it.

  4. WayGo
    If you’ve ever walked into an Asian restaurant and been confused by the menu, this app is for you. It translates Chinese, Japanese and Korean food menus and signage into English, and tells you exactly what’s what. Yes, 北 京烤鴨 is peking duck.

  5. Foodie
    Presentation is half the fun of food. While we all love a delicious meal, we love it a little bit more if comes served with dramatic swirls of sauce and in an artistic tower. Foodie is the perfect way to capture these moments. The app lets you choose from over 30 photo filters, with names like Tropical, Yum and BBQ to top it off, making it the perfect way to create food porn that will be the envy of your friends (and Instagram followers).