How to Eat & Drink Like A Melbournian


📷: Old School Pizza

We're going to teach you how eat and drink like a Melbourne local in just a couple of minutes.

If it's not deconstructed, over-the-top, colourful or oversized - it's not "Melbourne enough".


This city is full of fusion restaurants, brunch stops, gelato joints and incredible international variety. Here's a compilation of distinctly Melbourne deliciousness you just can't miss.

Insta-worthy Hotcakes

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The Ricotta Hotcakes at Top Paddock are a F A M O U S brunch choice, topped with a bouquet of seasonal fruit and flower petals. Talk about Insta-worthy.

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Chocolate lovers, fall in! The ricotta hotcakes at 5 Lire Cafe taste like someone emptied an entire jar of Nutella onto a plate, threw on the fluffiest buttermilk hotcakes, then went all out with ice cream and choc chunks, topping it all off with a TON of Donald Trump's hair... 😱 I mean fairy floss that seriously resembles Donald Trump's hair. We'll let you decide if that's a good or bad thing.

Deconstructed Hot Chocolate

When you ask for a hot chocolate, and you get this:

That's Melbourne for ya.

Hash Specialty Coffee serves their hot choc a little over the top. Expect a rich serving of 85% Mörk cacao in a glass flask, perfectly balanced out with the right amount of fairy floss on top of a cup.

Mörk Hot Chocolate is Melbourne's very own specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate. At their own Brew House, you can actually order yourself a hot cuppa 100% pure cacao. Pure Dark, they call it. 🍫


Fairy Floss Goes with Everything

Fairy floss is literally everywhere in Melbourne. At Son in Law, fairy floss characters sit on top of your drinks...

At Long Story Short, fairy floss engulfs your dessert burger...

Rock Sugar offers super pink fairy floss martinis...


Laneway Gems

It's engrained in Melbourne culture to hunt for food amongst the laneways. A top example is a Melbourne institution that's been in existence since 1995, Punch Lane.

The cozy restaurant and wine bar, named after its location, is frequented by long-lunchers and theatre-goers as it is situated on Bourke Street's Paris end in the city's entertainment district.

Even if you're not consciously looking, there's always something new coming up in Melbourne. Newcomer to the laneway bucket list is one of Liven's Loves: Charisma Workshop.

I mean, look at that syphon coffee 😍

Soft shell crab? That's not your typical eggs benny! 😉 There are more Asian fusion dishes available here too, including Thai Style Fish and Chips!

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Coffee Addiction

Melbourne is the undefeated coffee capital of Australia, and its baristas can whip up a batch of capp's and lattes with a little bit of magic. (Yes, you can order a "Magic"). ☕️

The list of best coffee in Melbourne is ever-changing, but the regulars that top the chart include Market Lane, Brother Baba Budan, Seven Seeds, Industry Beans, Patricia, Dukes and St Ali.


Meet and greet the first espresso machine to arrive in Melbourne, ever. The old fash and tenaciously authentic Pellegrini's Espresso Bar holds a six decade loyalty to Vittoria Brazil Rex coffee, as a permanent fixture in Melbourne since 1954. Don't forget to enjoy a traditional spag bol while you're at it.

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Taste the rainbow, literally, with Too Many Chief's rainbow latte art.

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Rooftop Dining

Enjoy the best view of Fitzroy from the rooftop of Naked for Satan with a few cold beers or glasses of bubbly. 🍸

Bomba Tapas Bar has a rooftop dining area for you to enjoy the best of Spanish food and booze with all the viewz.

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Food Truck Fans

There's just something about eating takeaway outdoors that Melbournians just LOVE.

There are food trucks of all sorts setting up EVERYWHERE in and around Melbourne, and there's no stopping the craze. Find 'em at night markets, pop ups in the heart of the city or food festivals galore!

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The limited-time-only element of food trucks combined with the pricey nature of their menus are all part of the gamble. Choose wisely...

You'll even find them at weddings!

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Mr Burger, a classic Melb food truck that first pulled up in 2012 has since expanded into 6 permanent stores cookin'! Their Mr Chicken is cluckin' delicious, paired with their ginger-caramel cookie milkshake.

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Pizza Partay

The best pizza in Melbourne is none other than A25. Born in Melbourne with a sexy Italian soul, A25 brings the healthiest handcrafted pizza made with fresh Italian ingredients. Charcoal pizza, say whaaaaat?

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📷: Old School Pizza

P.S. Jawbreaker pizza mega-SLICES are a thing here. Cheat day's sorted out for ya. Old School Pizza sells Melbourne's biggest slices (FIFTEEN inches!) if you're up for the challenge.

Matcha Madness

Partake in the green madness at Matcha Mylkbar, Australia's first matcha cafe for all things matcha-matched. With matcha pancakes, matcha burgers and matcha lattes, there's no such thing as too much-a matcha. 🍵

One of the hidden gems in Drewery Lane, Little Rogue, serves up matcha latte how it SHOULD be. A balance of bitter and sweet, rich in matcha and froth level on point 👌🏼

Best Croissant in the World

If you're not up and queueing in the wee hours of the morning at Lune Croissanterie, home of the cruffin, you run the risk of the best flavours selling out.

Getting up at sunrise's not your thing? You'll want to skip dinner and turn in early for these bad boys. This pastry shop-turned patisserie phenomenon is Melbourne's equivalent to New York’s cronut.

Gorge on Gelato

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Everyone's gone nuts over the pistachio flavour at Pidapipo's, and the weekly specials at Messina are pure temptation. How does one resist the devilish good looks of the Robert Brownie Jr?! Messina messes up our diets even more with gelato appreciation classes, a science lesson where you can learn how to make AND uncontrollably devour freshly churned gelato.

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Alright, now who's hungry?